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April 2022 TBR

Monthly TBR
Monthly TBR

March Wrap Up

Here we are, another month of 2022 behind us. The first quarter of the year is over, and Spring is finally here! I finished 2 books in March, of the 5 on my TBR. The first one I finished, was the Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson. This is the conclusion to Mistborn Era 1. Like all Sanderson books seem to do, this starts slow but ends with a bang. The other I finished is Royal Assassin by Robin Hobb. This is the second book of the Farseer trilogy. The Royal Assassin ended in a way where I wonder what is going to happen in book 3, Assassin’s Quest.

April TBR

I’m dropping back to four books for this month. There is much adulting I’m going to be doing, and I am back at the office for 2 days each week. My main reading method will likely be audiobooks during my commute. Though most of the books I own, are ebooks. I will be looking through Scribd and my library trying to find the audiobook for the ebooks I have. I’m not likely to listen to at least a few though, because I believe the story will be a bit more complex.


Book Cover - The Burning Sea by A. E. Rayne

First up, I will be continuing The Burning Sea, the second book of the Furyck Saga. I found this series by accident last year, and fell in love with the writing in the first book. If you read my 2022 Reading Challenges post, you’ll know one of those challenges is to finish series I’ve started.

Book Cover - Willow Born by Shanna Miles

I’m excited to try an eARC of Willow Born I received a while ago. I don’t see an audiobook being available for this book so I will have to read this book. The story seems to have witch hunters, angels, witches, and takes place in a place called The Willow.


Book Cover - Destiny of the Dead by Kel Kade

The first audiobook I will be picking up is Destiny of the Dead, the second book in the Shroud of Prophecy series by Kel Kade. This was just released on March 22. I found Kel Kade a few years ago with her self published series Kings Dark Tidings, which is one of my favorites. (We also get 2 books for that series later this year!) Then a couple years ago, she released Fate of the Fallen, the first book of the Shroud of Prophecy series which was published by Tor. Now, we finally get the next book of the series.

Book Cover - A Dream So Dark by L. L. McKinney

Last but not least, I’m going to continue the Nightmare-verse and listen to A Dream So Dark by L. L. McKinney. This is the next book for the Nightmare-verse. In February I read A Blade So Black, and I just grabbed this book as an audiobook. So we shall see how the narration goes.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get through this TBR. I expect a lot of my time to be on the other things I need to be doing this month. Plus, I didn’t even complete 4 books in March. We shall see if I manage when I wrap up April in my May TBR post. 😀

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