April TBR

I have no expectation to actually read all the books in this list, but I was unable to participate in Becca’s Bookopoly readathon which I think was last weekend. I had fun the last time she put one of these on, and was especially bummed this time, because she had live streams going the whole time with the help of a few hosts. Since I didn’t join in the Bookopoly readathon, and things are a bit crazy and taking up much of my time, I thought I would join in her April Bookopoly TBR. The way I’m going to work this, is for each roll she did for her April TBR, similar to the Bookopoly Readathon, I will pick a book to go with the prompt.

First Prompt: Science FictionArena by Holly Jennings

I don’t really remember what this is about it’s been so long since I added this to my TBR pile. All I really remember is it deals with gaming, and the game may or may not be called Arena, but there is some battle in an arena; I think.

Second Prompt: OtherThe Hobbit by J R R Tolkein

Other means something you don’t normally read. I don’t normally read Classics, and I previously DNF’d this book…twice…somewhat unintentially. Here we go, maybe, one more time, and we’ll see if I can get past the trolls in the mountains. This seems to be the point in which I keep leaving this story for another.

Third Prompt: Fantasy RomanceKingdom of Ash by Sarah J Maas

I started reading this before and DNF’d due to the time I had to read. Not sure I’ll get to this one as I fear a similar situation. Before I would read for just a few minutes where I could manage and this made it hard to enjoy the story. I do want to read this though since it is the last book of the Throne of Glass series.

Fourth Prompt: Comic – Fruits Basket Vol 4

I don’t have any comics, so I’m modifying this for comic/manga, how it was on previous boards. Fruits Basket, I first heard of as an Anime my sister was interested in and would watch. I believe I have seen the entirety of the Anime series, but I understand the books continue beyond the Anime. To see what happens after, I started reading the books, but haven’t gotten very far, and haven’t picked up a volume in over a year. I’m either on the 4th or 5 volume, so if much rings bells if and when I pick up the 4th, I’ll switch to the 5th.

Fifth Prompt: Book for Video ProjectFire by C A Harland

I no longer post on YouTube, but do post here so I’ve modified Video to Blog. Mostly the only projects I have are to read and review books. Fire, I received for review via NetGalley, so this is definitely one I’m planning to review. I’ve had this for a while though, and the book was published August of 2020 according to Amazon. I again don’t remember really what this is about but initially was intrigued by the cover and then the description of the book which led me to request a copy for review.

Sixth Prompt: FantasyA River of Royal Blood by Amanda Joy

I actually already started this book, but haven’t picked it up in a couple months now because if I pick up an eBook to sit and read, it’s been the book for the course I’m currently taking for work to get the certification I’m going for. I still remember what is happening though, and since I left off with the main character being cornered by an assassin, I am really anxious to get back to it. It’s actually been acting a bit as added motivation to complete this course. I need to know what happens next!

These are the books I will somewhat attempt to read this month. Again, I doubt I will get to all, maybe not even most since I’m doing BEDA, Camp Nanowrimo, and studying for the certification for work. Almost forgot, and working on our basement. That’s a lot to squeeze in to the days, but we’ll see at the end of April where I am. I’m sure I can get to at least 2.

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