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I will be participating in the Book Junkie Quest Readathon created by Rachel Marie the Book Junkie. She also created a personality test, and I came up as team #scribe. I did film a TBR video, but due to technical difficulties which you can read about in my Sunday Post tomorrow, I am unable to edit the video. I could try a clean take, but it is already late Friday evening, and soon to be Saturday when I wanted to post my TBR. So, here we are.

Rachel Marie also created a Trial which I will not be participating in, and also gave the option of a Quest Champion level. Each team has 4 quests, with a shared 5th quest of reading the group book – with allowances if you do not want to read the group book or already read the book and don’t wish to re-read it. With 4 teams – Scribe, Magi, Outlaws, and Bards – this means there is a total of 17 quests. To reach Quest Champion status, you need to complete all 17 quests. This is the crazy goal I am reaching for. So, without further rambling, lets see the 17 books I’m hoping to read.

Dwarf Mount

You spot a fair tavern wench, however the Dwarf Mines, grimey and dusty, didn’t evoke a very romantic feeling. Read a book with a hint of romance to get you in the mood.

Apothecary Towers

Where the wizards dwell. Tricksters. They have blind-folded you and randomised all your books, choose a book at random from your bookshelf.

Watch my reading vlog to see what book is chosen.

The Great Library

Ahh the great archives, find and read a book that has been on your TBR forever.

I don’t even remember when I added this it was so long ago.

The Drowning Deep

The Whirlpool… is so…. mesmerising. Read a book with rich world-building that will suck you into its own world, instead.

I got this for Christmas and can’t wait to read it. This also meets the weakness for the Scribe’s, which is to read a book over 500 pages.

The Bookie Grail:

Here you find a lost manuscript, delivered on this forgotten island by a fallen star. Read the group book:

Crimson Peaks

These peaks are about to blow! Re-read a favourite to soothe them into dormancy.

Come on, I couldn’t go a month long readathon without at least one of the in death books.

Queendom Stone

The stone of our Royal Majesty – what are the royal customs of other lands? Read a book featuring Royalty.

The Forgotten Forests

All those open series, the forest knows and feels your forgetfulness. It will sing a mournful lament, tormenting you until you read the next in a series.

I can not wait to read the last of this trilogy!

The Weeping Falls

To pass through the rapids unscathed, you must give to the Falls. Read a tear-jerker.

Orc Grove

Some say there is no talking to Orcs, but a good political relationship is needed. Learn some Orc customs by reading a book that is gruesome, gory, or gritty.

Ol’ Pirate Cove

Shiver me timbers. You shall be walking the plank if you don’t learn how to sail better. Read a book that takes place, at least in part, on sea.


This Isle is alight with gems and crystals, one of the most picturesque spots in The High Queendom. Make sure you fit in with a beautiful or colourful book.

Draconic Isle

Oh My! This island is swarming with wyverns and dragons. Brush up on your draconic knowledge with a book that features dragons.

The Elven Guard

are surprised by your visit, and are immediately on the offensive: Read a book with War, Military or Political Themes to learn how to help calm the situation.

On the Hallow Isle,

lurk incorporeal monsters and the ghosts of your past: Read an Atmospheric or Horror Book to pass this test of nerve.

Empty Barrel Inn,

everyone deserves a swig or too, some say it even aids warming up those vocal cords: Enjoy An Indulgent Read.

Giant Squid, a fearsome fellow:

Read a book that intimidates you, and this foe shall be a doddle.

This book is the 7th in a series I’ve been reading, and I’m hesitant to continue because I didn’t really enjoy the 6th book, and I’m worried this is a downturn in the series and I won’t enjoy this book.

Well, those are all the books I’m hoping to read in the month of July for the Book Junkie Quest. I can’t wait to test myself and see how many of these I can read. Although, a few may change…the strength of the scribes is that we can change our TBR and don’t have to stick to it.

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