Books I’m struggling to finish

In 2019 there were a few books I picked up, and while I had no intention of DNF’ing them, I failed to finish before putting them down for an extended time. I haven’t had much of this issue come up in my reading life until now; and it seems to be coming on strong.

One of the books I have yet to finish is The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkein. I love fantasy stories and feel a bit like a fake as I have not read this well loved classic series. My intention was to start and finish this series last year; however, I didn’t even make it through The Hobbit. Each time I made it about a third of the way in, both times stopping in the same spot before getting distracted by other books.

Another surprise, even to me on this list, is Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas. This, as you may know, is the last book in the Throne of Glass series. I started this as part of a Tome Topple readathon, but could only pick away at the book. This I put down due to lack of solid reading time. I kept reading maybe 2 or 3 pages at time before needing to do something else. This seriously affected my enjoyment of the story. This made for poor enjoyment of the story, so I put it down and hope to try again soon.

Keeping to the ash theme ? … in 2019 I put down Ash Princess by ? ?. This one I’m not sure if I will pick up again. The story is interesting, and I made it about halfway before putting it down. My issue is the characters. I feel like I don’t know them. I know the King is the King, and he’s mean. He invaded the lands where he now rules. He has a son, who seems nice and is in their Army. The main character, I don’t remember her name, was the princess of the land he now occupied by the evil King, but is now sort of a puppet for this King who invaded and conquered the land killing her mother who was the Queen. That’s not even the nutshell of the characters, that’s all I know. There is also supposed to be some kind of magic with stones, but still don’t know much about that. I basically just lost interest, and put this down for books I was interested in. At the time I felt I may go back to it, but I am no longer sure I will.

I feel like there are others I’ve started and put down, but can’t think of them. I have also done a poor job of tracking my reading from 2019 into 2020, but I’m working on rectifying this and trying to do better with logging books I’ve started reading.

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