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December & Bookie Trials TBR

I’m going to start this post off with the Bookie Trials TBR. Also, I wanted to take a moment to ask, what crazy idea is it to have a readathon, but the goal is to read the fewest number of books? The Winter Bookie Trials runs from midnight December 2 – 11:59 pm December 8 (your local timezone). There are 11 challenges, and the story behind this quest is we are trying to save our Daemons from the Evil Enchanter. To save our Daemons, we must read as few books as possible. I have managed to find 2 books to complete all 11 quests.

1: Queen’s Armada – buddy read a book, extra points for having mixed team (Join the buddy read.)
2: Orc Eaves – read a book with LGBTQ+ character
3: Beacon of Hope – make a warm drink or light a candle to accompany you as you read
4: Serpentine allegiance – read a book recommended by a booktuber or blogger and shout them out. All books in this trilogy have been highly praised and recommended by Little Book Owl
5: Rural Haven – read a book from fav. Genre or author previously given 5 stars to
7: Graves End – read a book with death or themes of death
8: Glacial Pass – read a book with white or a book contains snow or winter themes
10: Demonic Residue – read a book containing animals or magical beasts
11: Dark Shard – Read a book containing a morally gray character or a villainous main character

6: Eastern Escape – read a book by a marginalized author
9: Desolate Ruins – read a book already own or can access freely

Now, for the random challenges. I am going to try to pick audiobooks so I’m more likely to complete all the books on my TBR for the month since I’ve yet to complete all books since I started a monthly TBR again. ?

First Prompt:
Light novel

So much for sticking to audiobooks…. The only ones I own or can find of this category of book, are paperback. I can say thankgoodness they tend to be shorter.

It’s been a while since I read the previous book in the SAO light novel world so I should probably continue before I forget too much.

Second Prompt:
2019 Release

Yay! I’m so excited I will get to pick this one up this year.

You may be aware, I am a big fan of Kel Kade’s series The King’s Dark Tidings. While this is not part of that series, it is a Kel Kade book. I must read me some Kel Kade!! Even more, this audiobooks is narrated by the marvelous Nick Podehl.

Third Prompt:
Continue a Series

Look at that! I was just saying in my review of Magic Strikes I wasn’t sure if or when I would continue. And perfect timing for this prompt. December is expected to be seriously stressful for me. I have a few projects I know are coming at work, but I’m waiting for the green light from management and it feels like they are taking their sweet time getting me what I need to start the projects. Of course, I know these are all needed to be completed before the end of the year. So, this should help me focus on those when they do come, or other things already going, and keep the stress monster at bay.

Fourth Prompt:
Start a series

So glad I own the audiobook of this. The book is massive, but I’ve been wanting to read it for a while. The audiobook is almost 25 hours long! It should last me most of the month.

Fifth Prompt:
Graphic Novel

Bleach is another of our favorite animes. This was even one of the first ones my husband got me into. The problem we started running into with the anime, is they added story arcs which were not in the manga. This arcs were usually not very interesting, and sometimes we wondered how well they were thought out. So, I would like to read through the manga so I can go straight through and avoid those extra arcs. This is a bind-up of the first 3 volumes. Even so, it should be a fairly quick read.

Sixth Prompt:
Sorcerer’s Stone

Here we go, it’s happening. I’m going to try reading the Harry Potter series. I’m starting from the beginning on account of it’s been several years since I picked it up.

I’ve wanted to join the magical readathon, but just don’t feel right joining without having read the series. I’ve read the first 2 books only. I cut out somewhere early in the 3rd. The group was getting into things I never would have; it was making me uncomfortable. So, I put it down and haven’t picked it up again.

Well, for the most part I was successful in being able to pick audiobooks for the prompts. Let’s see if this helps me actually complete my TBR for the month. I also need to get to some of the ones I haven’t gotten to from previous months. Or like the Hobbit, which I originally picked up in April, again in I think August, and still have not finished. I will be starting it over from the beginning when I get back to it, although I think I still remember everything that has happened, so maybe pick it up from where I left off. We’ll see when I get to that bridge.

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