Dewey’s 24 hour Readathon

Hour 5

Getting a slow start and not much reading has happened so far. I got out of bed a little past the start of the readathon and started listening to Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb.

We’ve been out and about though for a few hours and haven’t done much reading since my earbuds cord keeps coming out of the phone and stops the audiobook. Now out and about for Pokemon Go Community Day…I didn’t want to have to keep putting the headphones back in every 2 minutes.

Now stopping for food before heading out again for hopefully another raid in Pokemon Go.

Hour 8

The hour has basically just started. I’m about to head out and do some weeding in the garden while listening to Assassin’s Apprentice. Going to see how much I can knock out, of both the book and those weeds. 😃

Hour 11

I am now halfway in to Assassin’s Apprentice. But I haven’t done much reading since coming in from weeding. In fact I’ve done none. 😟 Not sure what is going on with me. Definitely going to be trying to stay up for the 24 hours. I am planning to use the late hours for Kingdom of Liars, which I have as my book to read mostly when it is dark for the Magical Readathon.

Hour 14

I’m beginning to wonder if I’m not getting much reading done because my husband is home, and I’m thinking he’s seriously bored. He keeps trying to talk to me, or get me to do stuff with him. And some is tempting and I give in to, like spending so much time out playing Pokemon Go earlier for the extended Community Day. The other part is totally on me. I keep getting bored with the books I’m reading, but also want to read them. Because of this, I end up reading in chunks. I also keep going to YouTube and watching videos, although today has been thankfully light in that distraction.

It’s now dark, but I’m playing games and doing stuff around the house with my husband so I haven’t picked up Kingdom of Liars yet. We’ll see how late into the night this goes….

Hour 17

How am I still awake? It’s almost half-past midnight here. I’m usually way tired by now. For the past 2 hours I’ve been reading Kingdom of Liars on and off. Listening to some music is helping me keep going without stopping, and probably helping to keep me awake as well. My husband has long since been to bed, and I can hear him snoring in our bedroom. The puppy is sleeping on the couch with me, taking up the other half.

I’ve been playing with the idea of a nap, but I know what will happen if I do. The same thing which happens every year when I give in and it’s this late. I’ll sleep until the end of the readathon, or very close to. So, I’m going to try hard to keep going, and not crash until the end.

Hour 21

Nope, didn’t make it. I laid down intending to only be for a short bit; while it was only around 2.5 hours, it was a little more than 1.5 hours more than intended. I had set an alarm, which I slept through. I think I woke up to the puppy wanting something. Still not sure what he wanted, or he somehow knew I was wishing to be awake as he’s now back to resting with me here on the couch.

There are still a few hours left, so I’m going to attempt to get back to reading Kingdom of Liars. I have coffee brewing already, and am back to the music. See you again when it’s over.

The End

I am now 50% in to Kingdom of Liars. Things are getting interesting. If I wasn’t struggling to keep my eyes open right now I would probably continue reading for a bit. Instead, I think I’m going to snuggle with the puppy who has rejoined me after sleeping with Daddy for a bit, and get some more sleep.

Good night for now! 😃

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