Dewey’s Readathon | April 2019


The readathon is about to begin here, and I still don’t feel awake yet. Also, as per what you might say is becoming tradition, there has been a last minute schedule change. We have to go to a family member’s house for a bit to help clean items from Grandparents who are no longer with us. Hoping to be able to grab some of the cool stuff they had and use it in our own home.

Also, I haven’t made it to the grocery store all week, so I don’t have anything yet for dinner, or snacks. I do have my books picked out, and a few I have already going. I’m hoping to get to The Hobbit by J. R. Tolkein. Can you believe I haven’t read or seen the movies of the Lord of the Rings series? I would love to change this very soon.


It’s begun! I’m starting with Immortal in Death, by J.D. Robb on Audible because I only have about 2 hours left after starting it yesterday at work, and I have some items to do this morning so a good audio book is in order.


I’ve at least poured my first cup of coffee now and listened to about an hour 30 minutes of Immortal in Death, on 1.55 times speed. I’ve been playing around in Google Sheets, to create a reading tracker to see about how many pages I’ve read so I can let you know how many pages I’ve read at each check in.


I took a break from reading to finish some things that took some thinking, but I have finished Immortal in Death by J.D. Robb. Now, I’m going to start listening to The Iron King by Maurice Druon while getting ready for the day since I’m still sitting at the computer in my PJs.

I expect I’ll sit down at some point and begin reading The Hobbit. I downloaded this using Kindle Unlimited and may try to read the Kindle edition while listening. I’ve never tried this before, but I’ve heard the series is complex. I’m hoping this will help me to not get lost.


Well, I did not get to starting The Hobbit yet, and I’ve been sucked in to The Iron King by Maurice Druon. I am taking a short food break, and having some pizza left over from last night’s dinner. Now the puppy is wanting to go outside, most likely to graze on the grass and sticks in the yard. I am going to go hang out with him out there. Maybe I can interest him in playing with a ball or something.


Time to go have some fun. I’ll fill you in later. ? Just know I may not get a lot of reading done over the next few hours. I’m not sure exactly how long this will take, and don’t even have a guess. Not a guess I think will be very accurate anyway.

So far, as we start hour 5, I have read 165 pages.


We are back, with more than we left with. A few items were discovered at our family member’s home, previously Grandparent’s home. Afterwards we went for a walk Downtown with the puppy, and have successfully tired him out! We’ve been home for several minutes now after picking up some McDonald’s for dinner, and eating the McDonald’s, and he’s been crashed on the floor almost since we walked in the door.

I didn’t add much to my reading while we were out, I’m now up to 177 pages read.


I got a little sidetracked watching a few YouTube videos, and the Red Wings loose. Technically there is still about one period of play to go, but we are losing by 4 goals. We show no signs of the level of play needed to bring up our goal count so we could possibly win. My husband and I both count this game as over.

My new total page count so far is now at 196. I am really getting into The Hobbit. This book may actually be enough to keep me up for most of the night. Although I know I should get a good night’s sleep if possible due to the list of things going on tomorrow and this week. Can’t really afford to lose out on sleep.


Well, I fell asleep. Then getting up to get the puppy breakfast, I apparently timed it perfectly because he threw up just seconds after I got up. So then I cleaned that up, my husband got him breakfast. Since I was awake again, I decided to read a bit. I haven’t read much yet, but I’m going to keep going. At this point likely to the end before returning to sleep.

In total so far I’m up to 211 pages read for this round. ?


It’s almost over. I’ve just been sitting reading while listening to some music with Spotify. Only one hour left. I’m kicking it in high gear and hoping to get a lot more pages read this hour.


Well, another Dewey’s readathon has come to an end. It was nice to read with everyone and converse about books and reading troubles. I was one page short if 250, my final page count is 249. Maybe next time. See you in October!

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