Dewey’s Readathon April 2021

Hour 5

Good morning, afternoon, or evening. I hope you have all been having fun, and/or enjoying your time reading. I am checking in here on my phone as my laptop is having power issues. It doesn’t seem to recognize the power cord unless the cord is bent in a very specific way. Since I can’t just sit and hold the cord forever, here we are.

Lots has already happened. I mentioned in my Sunday Post from this past Sunday my Dad would be coming to fix our leaking gas pipe. Due to changes on their end, they squeezed us in yesterday so they could take care of something else today.

I’ve also recently come home from getting my first vaccine shot for the Corona Virus. My arm is a little sore, but not as much as if I had been working on the basement. Basically it’s hardly noticeable.

Now I’m enjoying a walk with our puppy. And I have to mention something which just made me laugh. While walking by, a child on the other side of the street shouted over “Hi Doggy!” 🥰

Hour 13

Well, I’ve been bad. I’ve done very little studying, and haven’t really touched other housework. The puppy and I cut our walk a little short, as it started to rain, but he hadn’t worn out enough energy and wanted to play when we got home. I did manage to study some before my husband got home from his work shift. We ended up having an early dinner and then laid down for what was supposed to be a short nap. We laid down for what was more like two hours. We just got up a little bit ago now. I spent more time outside with the puppy since it wasn’t raining at the time. I made my rounds and picked up trash which had blown in to the yard, and picked the heads of a few dandelions.

For the most of this readathon I’ve been listening to an audiobook I don’t even really count. Not that I don’t count audiobooks as reading, but I’ve listened to this book probably 20 times. It’s one I fall back on when I am stressed or want some background noise while doing work where I won’t be able to focus as much as I may need to for another book, especially one I hope to review. If I want to read though while doing one of these activities I’ll fall back to one I know well so it doesn’t matter what I miss, I’ll know what I missed and still follow the story.

Hour 17

Well, I’m almost finished with the audiobook I’ve been somewhat listening to. I’ve also been reading up on vertical gardening. Something I’d like to start possibly this year. But, I think it is time to go to bed and I don’t know if I’ll get up before the readathon ends, so wanted to be sure I made at least one more update.

I’m a bit mad at myself for not doing more studying. I wanted to use the time especially when my husband was at work, but spent most of it with the puppy and most of the evening when we weren’t napping together. Tomorrow, the plan is for my parents to come over and we work more on the basement so I want to be sure I’m rested. My arm is also a bit sore from the vaccine shot, so I’m hoping some rest will help allow the pain to reduce some. If I don’t catch you all before the end of the readathon I want to say I hope you enjoyed the readathon, maybe made some new friends, found some new people to follow on Twitter or Instagram, and that you read something enjoyable. I’m already looking forward to the next Dewey’s. 😀

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