Duodecathon is Here Again!

Duodecathon is a monthly readathon, and goes for a full week. The readathon was started by Bridget, and she has a YouTube channel. Duodecathon also has a Goodreads page if you wanted to learn more about the readathon, check it out. This month, it runs from today, March 22, to March 28.

There are 12 challenges and you get to choose which one you do each month. Last month was my first time joining for Duodecathon. I completed the one challenge, and only one book. I’d like to do better this time, so I’m going to attempt 2 challenges. I did miss January’s run so I am behind in my challenges anyway.

For this run of Duodecathon, I’m going to do the read a book recommended by someone, and I’m going to try to read 1,200 pages, or the equivalent there of since I will be listening to at least 1 audiobook. The first challenge of reading a book someone recommended, I will be reading Scythe by Neil Shusterman in audiobook format. For the 1,200 pages, I have a few books lined up, and I did not do the math to see if they would total 1,200 pages. They are the books I mentioned in my Sunday Post as books I was hoping to get to. I plan to start with The Novice by Taran Matharu, and then we will go from there.

I’ll be vlogging through this readathon so be sure to tune in to my YouTube channel next Saturday, March 31 for the reading vlog.

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