February TBR | 2022

A quick wrap up of my January TBR; I started four of the six books, but only managed to finish one. Work hit hard, and I feel like I imagine it would feel like racing in the Indy 500. This has led to more than a few late nights working, and many days where I’m so tired after work, I basically fall asleep until starting all over the next day. Which has also led to me feeling like a crappy wife since I then ordered some gifts for my husband’s birthday late. So, it’s not just my reading suffering. All aspects are suffering.

The one book I managed to finish was Six Heirs by Pierre Grimbert. When I started the book I had the feeling I had started the book previously, but couldn’t remember it. This time I finished it. I don’t know if I finished it previously, but can see why I forgot about it if I did. It has left no lasting impression. There is just a small curiosity of who is after these heirs, and what is so special about this island in the story. There are many other books and series I’m more interested in though, so I am not likely to continue this series.

Since work is still crazy showing no signs of slowing, and in fact is seeming to try to go faster, I’m only doing 4 rolls for February in hopes this will be more manageable. Seeing as how I only managed to finish one book in January, and only managed to start 3 of the 5 others, I’m not sure if I’ll manage 4 full books. I think I’m going to focus on audiobooks, and smaller books if possible. We will see what the rolls and prompts have in store.

First roll – I landed on a blank space and drew the prompt of Color in Title. I was a bit worried, feeling I don’t own many and so feared getting stuck with a super long book. I found I have more than I thought though and so was able to go for not only a relatively short book, but one I’m very interested in reading. I chose, A Blade so Black by L.L. McKinney. I’ve mostly forgotten the summary, but remember the excitement from when I read the summary and purchased the book. I can’t wait to get in to this story.

Second roll – I landed on a blank and drew the prompt of Gifted. I have plenty of books to choose from; I’m ashamed to admit I have been gifted many books I have not yet read. I decided to go with a book I put in my nightstand drawer some time ago intending to read it and I think I may have read a couple pages before bed one night, but never grabbed again. It’s still sitting in my nightstand drawer. I decided to go with The Queen of Blood by Sarah Beth Durst. I believe this was recommended by one of the Youtubers I watch but can’t remember exactly where I found out about this book. After I heard of it though I added it to my wish list, and received it for Christmas a few years back.

Third roll – landed on another blank space and drew the prompt of translated. I decided to go for one of the few translated books I own which is also a graphic novel. I am returning to Fruits Basket volume 4. My sister introduced me to Fruits Basket several years ago and I’ve seen the anime but understand the books may go further than the anime so I started reading the series. The story follows a school girl named Tohru and her interactions with a cursed family, the Sohma’s. The Sohma family is cursed and each generation has children who turn into one of the zodiac animals when touched by someone of the opposite sex or under high stress.

Fourth roll – I landed on yet another blank space and drew the prompt of 500+, meaning I need to pick a book over 500 pages. I felt I was doing well on making this a manageable TBR until now. However, last week I posted how I did with the books I had wanted to read in 2021 and didn’t manage to read all of them. One of which I’m feeling anxious to try, is also over 500 pages, and I own the audiobook. Hoping this will help me actually finish this month’s TBR, I decided to go with Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames.

These are the books I hope to read this month. What books are you planning to read in the month of February?

2 thoughts on “February TBR | 2022”

  1. You’ve come up with a clever way to choose your TBR books! I hope you are able to read all of these. I’ll be curious to see your thoughts on A Blade So Black; it’s on my long-term TBR list.

    I am too much of a mood reader; sometimes I try to plan out my monthly or yearly TBR, but it rarely goes as planned. That said, I have a bunch of library books, some of which can’t be renewed, so that’s going to drive my reading for the next few weeks.

    1. It’s weird. I wasn’t always a TBR person, and would just read what I wanted. I think these days I just want to read everything I’ve started to need a TBR to focus and not start 20+ books all at once.

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