Goodreads Challenge 2019


Last year I kept my Goodreads challenge somewhere I knew I would hit. This year, I would like to increase the goal. In fact, I’ve decided to double my goal in the Goodreads challenge.

I knew for 2018, I could easily get an average of 1 book read each week. While Goodreads shows I only read 57 books for 2018, there are still a few books I read or rather re-read but didn’t count. I did also have a few books which were added to my list twice for 2018. This happened when I manually added the book, but then when I finished the Kindle edition, I allowed it to update my Goodreads status and record the book in Goodreads as complete. Doing this however added the book again, I think because I had the wrong edition. If anyone knows how to see the format of the book on the Goodreads app for your phone…please comment below because if it’s there, I’m apparently blind.

Knowing I read more than is recorded on Goodreads, and wondering how far I actually could have gone, I’ve decided to up my goal for this year. So instead of 52 books, I will be attempting to finish 104 books.

What is your Goodreads goal for 2019?

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