January TBR

Well, I got a few books for Christmas, and have several more veteran books on my shelf waiting for their chance to be read. Let’s see what I can get to in January. I’m still going to pick only 6 books, I figure this will leave room for a mood read or 2. I’m also going to not roll over my TBR into the next month. I mean I’m not leaving any books unstarted, on my TBR for the next. I usually don’t get a chance to go back, so if I am able, I can just pick one of the books up as a mood read.

First Prompt:
Light novel

For this I’m going with Classroom of the Elite by Shuogo Kinugasa. This was on my wishlist, and was gifted to me by my mother-in-law. This school has some intense competition, and sounds a bit like there is some kind of game they can play to win points and work their way up the ladder to class A. The story follows 2 students in class D working to get up to class A.

Second Prompt:

I can’t wait any longer now that I have this book in my possession. For this I am choosing, Apex by Mercedes Lacky, the final book of the Hunter trilogy. I happened across Hunter several years back now, and received an ARC from the publisher. I read the book and fell in love. I now must know what happens. I finally picked up book 2 in July as part of the Bookie Trials. My sister got me Apex for a Christmas gift, so now that I have it, I’m reading it!

Hunter follows Joy on her journey and adventure in the Capital as she is forced to become a Hunter. There are some politics going on, not to mention, being the niece of the head of the Hunters, there are a few thinking she is somehow escaping the rules. Catching on quick to the game going on, she needs to be careful as all the Hunters in the capital are filmed basically 24/7. There are only certain places she can get away from the cameras.

I’m probably not doing the story justice in this description, but I promise if you give Hunter a chance, you will love it. (I even gifted Hunter to my sister for Christmas! ?)

Third Prompt:
Diamond by Tigris Eden

Since I’m using an app, and I’m horrible at a TBR jar, I’ve added prompts for some books I’m interested in picking up and have been on my shelf for a while.

Diamond is one which has been on my shelf so long I’ve forgotten what drew me to it. Mostly now, I just like the cover. This is a Dystopian Sci-Fi if Goodreads is anything to go by.

A comet has passed through Earth’s atmosphere and deposited travelers and something else leading to mutations, and apparently affecting people’s minds. They have gone crazy. The main character is Diamond who believes everything is for sale or trade, from the description I get the impression he’s kind of a loan wolf caring only for himself. Until…you guessed it, he meets a girl and ends up helping her.

Goodreads only shows 27 ratings total for this book! Not sure exactly how I stumbled across this and bought this as a Nook book. Time to add review number 28 for this book and see what I think.

Fourth Prompt:
Random Book

This prompt requires a random number be generated and I then go to that number on my Goodreads Want to Read shelf. So, switching gears in the app over to the numbers. I have 130 books on my shelf (holy puppies), so picking a number from 1 to 130, we get…53. On my Goodreads shelf that correlates to…

…Contagious, Why Things Catch On by Jonah Berger.

I think this book was recommended on one of the YouTube channels I watch, or used to watch, to help you succeed with your goals or side hustle. I couldn’t tell you which one it was at this point, I’ve had this book for many years now.

Will this book have anything new or exciting to offer? I’ll hopefully find out when I read it in January.

Fifth Prompt:
Library Book

This is a new prompt I’ve added to the choices, let’s see what my library has available I may be interested in picking up for January.

I’m slowly making my way through this series. I wasn’t sure I was going to continue, but here we are. This actually jumped out at me and it’s available as an audiobook! Now I’ll have something to listen to in the car on my drive to and from work.

Sabriel is the first book of this series, following Sabriel and her journey to become the Abhorsen. Her journey starts when her father goes missing, and she travels to the Old Kingdom to find and hopefully save him.

Sixth Prompt:
Lowest Rated

Oh boy. This should be interesting. I’ve seen this on a few other’s TBR games, or at least as Highest Rated. Well, why not make myself read the lowest rated book on my Want to Read shelf? ?

Here we go. (Takes deep breath.) Ordering my Want to Read shelf by average rating, and looking at the lowest, we have…

…The Arrival by J.W. Brazier.

I requested and received an ARC of this way back when I first joined NetGalley and sad to say, never picked it up. So, looks like January 2020 will be the month…or will it?

This is another Sci-Fi, I believe based on the description. A virus or something of that kind has been unleashed, throwing the world into chaos, and now we see the aftermath.

These are the books I’m hoping to read in January 2020. Only one of which is an audiobook. (Takes a deep breath.) Well, let’s see if I can read these 6 books, or if I get distracted by some of the new books I just received as gifts.

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