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I’m going to try something a bit different in July. I love Fantasy books, but I seem to be striking out there lately. I read a book and yet don’t really want to read it. I used to read more variety of Fantasy and Mystery, but then somewhere focused wholly in on Fantasy. For July, I’m going to try mixing it up with some various non-fiction topics I’ve been interested in, and wanting to read about. Maybe this will help get me back to reading. Perhaps just this little bit of variety will help get me back to the Fantasy books I’m also interested in.


July, is also Camp NaNoWriMo. I wasn’t going to, but then some things have happened, and I said what the heck, let’s go for it. There are some items with the story I’ve been attempting to write for over a year now, and I’m hoping to find something to help me fix my issues, and make them make sense. I’ve had The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy Volume 1 for quite a while, and have never read it. I’m hoping now is the time, and hoping it will help me figure out where I’m going wrong.


I’m not exactly sure why I chose Contagious: Why things catch on, if I’m being entirely honest. I was just scrolling through my still incomplete list of books I own, and this one stood out. Don’t get me wrong, I did stop at it a few times but then continued scrolling. Then I would go back through the list and again stop at this book. Not sure if you believe sometimes sprits or something else pulls or tries to direct you sometimes, but I think this may be a case of someone or something directing me. So, another book I’ve owned for a long while, may finally be read.

Ever since I first heard about the Founders series I’ve been dying to read it. I don’t even remember what about it was so appealing. I have a habit of that. Someone will talk to me about a book or series and I’ll catch some keywords maybe like assassin, which I enjoy reading about, or the plot will intrigue me; then the feeling and desire to read it will stay with me and I’ll forget everything else. When I read the book then, everything is a surprise, and I kind of like it that way.


I’ve had an interest in the Occult since, probably around while I was in High School. I have not given this interest a whole lot of time. The Holy Wild: A Heathen Bible for the Untamed Woman, is something I came across while glancing through Scribd and saved for some future date. July is hopefully going to be that future date. I’m excited to explore and maybe find some inner power.

Nora Roberts is on my list of auto-buy authors. Although I’ve been fairly good about pinching pennies, and spreading the love. The Awakening by Nora Roberts is a book I’ve actually had for a while. I was hoping to pick up more books of the trilogy so I could basically binge them all like I usually would, but I can not hold myself back any longer. I have this book, and I must read it; or rather in this case, listen to it.

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