Wrap Up

May 2022 Wrap Up

May has been a bit stressful from work stuff. In fact I was working some “overtime” the last week or two of May, even though I seem to be in a lull of stuff to do for the projects I’m responsible for. I put “overtime” in quotes because I’m salaried, so I don’t really get overtime pay for the extra hours I worked.

I got so stressed for a while, I went to a few of the audiobooks I often listen to in order to help me deal with the stress. I don’t count them as books read in a month, so they will not be here. I’ve listened to these books probably twenty times each. No joke. Because I’ve listened to them so many times, I don’t count them. If I were to count them…I had a beyond awesome reading month. I made it through nine books in addition to those I managed from my TBR.


In my tracker, I count in books and pages. I’ve also separated book pages, and audio pages. Audio pages, are the number of pages read as an audiobook, and book pages are those read either in a physical book or ebook. Pages are only counted once the book is finished. For example, I haven’t counted any of the 300+ pages read from The Burning Sea because I haven’t yet finished it.

A very quick run down:

  • Books finished = 6
  • Books DNF’d = 0
  • Audio pages = 1711
  • Book pages = 1207
  • Total pages = 2918

I got the books from:

  • Scribd = 2
  • Libby = 2
  • Gifted = 1
  • Google Books = 1

I’m pleasantly surprised I was able to read all these, but then I saw 4 of these were audiobooks. Also, 2 of them were not on my TBR, and I failed to get to one of the books on my TBR. I wasn’t able to start Fatemarked. Okay, technically I could have started it, but I didn’t think I could finish before the start of June which starts Whateverathon. I didn’t want to start it and then have to put it down to read the books to work with the prompts for Whateverthon. Fatemarked does work for one prompt, but I think June will also be a busy month. So maybe I’ll be able to slip it in for June, if not I’ll probably stick it on for July.

Books Read

The Burning Sea

This book took way too long to get through for how much I was enjoying it. Please don’t think because it took me several months to get through that it’s not a good book, because it is. It had a few moments where I was seriously fearing what was coming next and was fearful of continuing but also wanted to continue. I need to get to the next book now. This is the second book of a series, so I don’t want to say much about the summary, but you can also check out my review full review.

The Mime Order

The ending! What a clif-hanger. I’m pretty sure I know who just appeared and we now know is a bad guy, but since it wasn’t said I suppose there is the chance it will be someone I’ve forgotten or wasn’t expecting. I will try to get to the next book soon so I can keep the energy going. I feel like this ended right in the middle of a battle. I know many have watched the Game of Thrones television series that was on HBO, so I’ll equate the feeling of this ending to something like somewhere in the middle of the Red Wedding the episode ends, and you would have to wait for the next episode to see how it all ends. (Disclaimer, I have not watched the episodes. I’ve only watched various clips on YouTube where people share their top 10 “such” scenes.)

Audiobooks Read

Knight’s Shadow

I listened to the second book of the Greatcoats series finally. I had read the first book I believe last summer as part of a readathon. I enjoyed the book, and am curious to finish the series, but I don’t see myself rushing out to finish. The Furyck Saga, and The Bone Season series are both higher on my list.

Beyond Magenta

I had a moment…okay, it was a couple weeks, where I was stressed and started listening to many of my go to stress relief books. Somehow, I got myself to listen to this book while still being stressed. Even though it was non-fiction, it pulled me out. You can probably guess from this, I didn’t have this on my May TBR.

This is a non-fiction book, where we go through many interviews with trans teens. I found their stories very educational.

A Psalm of Storms and Silence

I loved this story. The chapters bounce back and forth between the two main characters; something I usually can’t stand but in this I got used to it at some point. I’d say the switching got so it felt natural, and everything just flowed. I don’t often experience that when a book bounces between viewpoints. In fact, I can’t say I’ve ever experienced a feeling like that.

Carry On, Warrior: Thoughts on Life Unarmed

I’ve had this book on my TBR for a while. I discovered the audiobook on Scribd and picked it up to keep the reading movement going. I didn’t want to stop, but wasn’t ready to pick up the books for June, which at the time I started this, was almost a full week away. It is a nonfiction, and supposed to be motivational. I’m not sure about the motivation, but I did learn some new ways to look at things life sends our way.

New Books

Google was having a deal, and with that deal, I got three books. I purchased The Pariah by Anthony Ryan, The Bladed Faith by David Dalglish, and Shadow of the Gods by John Gwynne. Not sure what I was thinking as these are each the first book of a trilogy or series. 😖

I had requested Casto by Xenia Melzer as an ARC, but never got to. Since it’s been so long and I do still want to read it, I bought it. I also requested Witch13 from NetGalley, and got it. This book comes out June 7, 2022. It will also be the first book I read for Whateverathon next month. I’m hoping to have a review up on or shortly after it’s release day.

I’m hoping June goes well. I had a fairly good reading month, and if I can repeat in June, I will be well on my way to reducing my owned TBR and getting to all the books I want to read.

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