October TBR

Well, September is done, and I completed…one book from my TBR, and currently reading 2. So 5 books are on my TBR for October already, and I’m picking 6 more…what have I done? The 2 books I’m working on are Rage of Dragons and Lirael. I need to finish Lirael soon since I got this from the library and have already renewed it once. I haven’t even started the graphic novel yet, Witch Buster vol 5 & 6. The Lost Chalice will be the next audiobook I read. I haven’t yet picked up Play it Away, but I did finish Magic Strikes. I quickly added Vendetta in Death, which was released at the start of September. I had pre-ordered it, and forgot it came out while missing it’s appearance in my audible library. Thankfully, I did catch on and listened to the book, and enjoyed it.

Now, lets’ get into the new TBR. What do I need to read in October?

First Prompt:

I’ve been wanting to read Tess Gerritsen for a while, and I’ve had this one on my TBR for a few years. I think it’s time I read it.

Second Prompt:
The Gunslinger by Stephen King

This one, I’m afraid to pick up. I’ve tried reading Stephen King a few times and usually have to put the books down because they are a bit too descriptive, and freak me out.

I’ve had a few friends talk about his Dark Tower series and I would love to try it. The series sounds interesting, I’m just afraid to pick it up. So, what better time to give this a try?

Third Prompt:
Autumn Colors

For this prompt, rather than pick a specific color, I wanted to look for a book with Autumn colors on the cover. The first book on my Want to Read list I came across is Warrior Mage by Lindsay Buroker. And yay this appears to be a relatively short book.

Fourth Prompt:

I read what another bind-up of stories in this series by Michael J. Sullivan as part of the last Tome Topple readathon I participated in and fell in love with these mysterious characters. I recently grabbed this bind-up which I guess is actually the first, and can’t wait to listen to this.

Fifth Prompt:
Light novel

My husband got me into an Anime called Sword Art Online where a bunch of people get trapped in a game, and they can actually die in the game. Since the animes we watch also have books for them, I went looking and found the light novels for the series. So I’ve been working on the light novels for Sword Art Online. This is the next one for me to read.

Sixth Prompt:

For this prompt I will switch over to a number generator and pick a random number. I will then see what book in my To Read list on Goodreads matches the chosen number. Here we go:

First number I got is 120, which ironically coordinates to The Crown Tower already chosen for the TBR. Next number I got is 58 which coordinates to:

Blood and Rain by Glenn Rolfe, which actually fits with the thriller theme that comes out for October with Halloween at the end of the month. I’m honestly surprised this fits right in.

I’ve had this book on my to read list for about 4 years, so let’s see if I can get to it and what I think of it.

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