Recommending 19 One-Word Title Books

Whateverathon is coming back next month. Like a few other readathons I've participated in, there is a prompt on the Bingo boards for a one-word title. I remember a time where I would struggle to come up with ideas for this prompt. Either the books I found were in genres I didn't want to read, or just didn't sound interesting. Here are a few books I recommend you check out and consider reading.

Book Review, Fantasy

Cress by Marissa Meyer

Title: Cress (book 3 - The Lunar Chronicles) Author: Marissa Meyer Publisher: Macmillan Young Listeners Cress by Marissa Meyer is a Rapunzel retelling. Cress is stuck on a satellite serving Queen Levana's goals. She has nothing but her netscreens and a robot she has programmed for company. Cinder and her friends embark on a rescue of Cress… Continue reading Cress by Marissa Meyer