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The Reading Rush | Wrap Up

Day 1

It is Monday morning. The first day of the Reading Rush, a readathon put on by Ariel and Raeleen. I have put together a loose TBR, but if the urge strikes, I may change what I have picked for something shorter, or if I no longer want to read what I’ve picked. I’m still pulling myself out of a slump so don’t want to be very strict on my reading right now. I just want to be reading instead of sitting forever in front of YouTube.

For now, it’s off to work. Weird dreams last night meant I didn’t sleep well, and so didn’t get up early enough to read some before needing to log on.

Day 2

Well…we’re off to a great start, she says dripping with sarcasm.

I had every intention of reading when I got off work yesterday, but we cut the grass, picked weeds, went for a Pokemon Go walk, and then I went to the grocery store. I’ve added Children of Blood and Bone to my TBR for the challenge to read a book taking place on another continent. This may be a bit of a stretch, but it is based on African mythology. I attempted listening to it while working, but only got 28 minutes in to the story before I needed to stop so I could concentrate on what I was doing.

I have the day off today, but so does my husband. So not sure how well today will go, but I’ll attempt to do better. I also have some crafts planned for today. One isn’t that exciting, it’s just making a few more masks for going out. I’ve been circulating between 3, and I want to try modifying the pattern some, but also get some other colors now. Especially since I have a wedding reception to go to on Saturday.

11:10 am

Yay! I was interrupted by a doggy wanting to go outside. So I quick grabbed the bind-up I have for Bleach Volumes 1, 2, and 3, and headed out. I have now finished my first book of this readathon!

Day 3

10:39 pm

I didn’t do much reading today. During work, while cleaning out emails from yesterday and those from previous I had’t completed yet, I listened to more of Children of Blood and Bone. I made two face masks today, did raid hour in Pokemon Go, evolved a few pokemon for the experience points, and read a few more pages from Sword Art Online #3: Fairy Dance.

I’m going to go sit in bed and read some until I get a little more tired. I’d like to try what I did last night again as I woke up, more or less not as tired as I’ve been. So I was able to pretty much start the day right off, and earlier than I’ve been.

I may be shooting myself in the foot though with this readathon. I just spent the last half hour while evolving pokemon, talking myself out of an insanely long book which would definately mean I won’t read 7 books. Which it’s already looking like I won’t be reading 7 books unless I trade a few more out for graphic novels and manga. I’ve still only completed 1 book, and it’s already the end of day 3. 🙄

Day 4

11:14 pm

I can’t even tell you how much I read today. I can say, it wasn’t a lot. After work, or the main part of work, I intended to make cookies, but was side tracked by the puppy wanting to go outside. So I did listen to Children of Blood and Bone while outside with the dog. We even went on a short walk while I listened to the story.

Upon our return, I decided to experiment for a project I’ve been wanting to try. (More on that later.) This experiment took some time. So it was about 10:00 pm when I went back to work. I’m trying to finish a report, but needed a break from fighting with Excel and Word.

I returned, only to find, something had completely messed up the document. It looked worse than it was so I was freaking out; especially since it was my Director who had set up the document. I was scared I had done something, couldn’t identify what I had done, and had completely messed up the document and I worried I wouldn’t be able to return it to what it was. Turns out it was a bad link I had tried to fix earlier in the day; apparently I hadn’t fixed it.

Now the report is done, minus the bad link I can’t seem to fix, and I’m going to bed. I’m beat.

Day 5

3:06 pm

Not much to update you on. I’m taking a short break from work stuff, just had an hour of one thing after another kind of deal. It takes a lot of energy to keep switching gears so quickly. So I’m taking a break, plus I’ve technically put in my required time for the week. (Yes, even though I’m salaried, I track my time. I find this in part helps keep me focused on one thing at a time instead of getting sidetracked by all the shiny new emails sometimes.)

I’m going to hopefully finish the project I started last night, and will work on yet another project later tonight. The plan is to work on the second project, while I’m on with my family later. Shall need to see how that works.

Also, I did just today, purchase my ticket for the 2020 Go Fest happening in Pokemon Go this weekend. I am not yet level 40, but may be able to reach this milestone this weekend. If you also play Pokemon Go, and would like to be friends in the game, my friend code is 9857 6410 8403. We’ve lost 2 gyms in the area, and they were not replaced with pokestops, so, I’m not always able to send gifts daily but I do try.

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