Tome Topple Round 8 TBR


Well, round 8 of the Tome Topple readathon created by Sam from Thoughts on Tomes starts today and goes until Friday, April 26. I’ve picked 3 books, which I think is ambitious. Especially since 2 of them are ebooks, and I will likely finish the audiobook before the readathon is even half over if this morning is any indication of how fast that book will go. So, this TBR will likely change, I just don’t know right now what it will change to.


I started the audiobook of The Collector by Nora Roberts and found it incredibly hard to stop. I just got carried away in the story, and with what was going on with the characters. This may end up being my new favorite book by Nora Roberts.

Ruin of Kings

I am also currently reading The Ruin of Kings by Jenn Lyons, this is an ARC I was given via NetGalley. I was pleasantly surprised and grateful this book is 560 pages long. I am only 17% into the book which equates to approximately 95 pages in to the book.


I have been wanting to read Kingdom of Ash to see how the Throne of Glass series ends, and somehow even though I own the ebook, I think I heard too many people talk about how long this book is, so I’ve been putting it off. This is going to be iffy if I even get to starting the book during the readathon, unless I decide to get the audiobook and start it that way. Then it may also be possible to finish it during the readathon. We shall see how this goes.

These are the books I am hoping to read during this round of Tome Topple. Are you also participating? What big books (over 500 pages) are looking to complete and get off your TBR.




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