• Review: Blood Gamble by Melissa F Olsen

    Title: Blood Gamble (Disrupted Magic book 2) Author: Melissa F Olsen Format: Audible Audiobook Publisher: Brilliance Audio Narrator: Amy McFadden Summary: Scarlett Bernard hates Vegas, for personal reasons. You probably think she has a gambling problem, but those reasons have nothing to do with gambling. Scarlett is a null. This is nothing to worry about if you are human.… Read more

  • Sunday Post#4: Time to Catch Up

    It’s been a while. Not much has been going on, I have a basic life. The most interesting thing I have to talk about is my Dad just retired!! I am so happy for him. The downside is I have to drive myself to work everyday. Upside, I can listen to more audiobooks; although my… Read more

  • Review: Tower of Dawn by Sarah J Maas

    Title: Tower of Dawn (Throne of Glass # 6) Author: Sarah J Maas Publisher: Audible Studios Format: Aduiobook Narrator: Elizabeth Evans **Review contains spoilers if you haven’t read the previous books in the Throne of Glass series.** Tower of Dawn follows Chaol Westfall on his journey to get his legs back. This journey is not as perilous… Read more

  • Review: Sword Art Online Vol 5: Phantom Bullet

    Title: Sword Art Online Volume 5: Phantom Bullet Author: Reki Kawahara Format: Paperback Publisher: Yen On *If you haven’t read the first few books, this will contain spoilers* Summary: Kirito reenters the world of VRMMOs, this time logging in to Gun Gale Online in order to investigate the Death Gun, an in-game item rumored to be responsible… Read more

  • Grayson Manor Haunting by Cheryl Bradshaw

    Title: Grayson Manor Haunting (Addison Lockhart, book 1) Author: Cheryl Bradshaw Format: audiobook Narrator: Nikki Devitt Summary:  When Addison Lockhart inherits Grayson Manor after her mother’s untimely death, she unlocks a secret that’s been kept hidden for over fifty years. For Addison, it seems like she’s finally found the house of her dreams…until the spirit… Read more

  • Review: Otherworld by Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller

    Title: Otherworld Authors: Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller Format: audiobook Narrator: Jason Segel Summary: The company says Otherworld is amazing—like nothing you’ve ever seen before. They say it’s addictive—that you’ll want to stay forever. They promise Otherworld will make all your dreams come true. Simon thought Otherworld was a game. Turns out he knew nothing.… Read more