• Accessories Every Reader Needs

    Accessories Every Reader Needs

    One thing readers want to do at any point in the day is read. We have other responsibilities though, such as cooking food to eat, tending a garden, and working at our jobs to pay for our book-buying habit. What should a reader do when one cannot sit down to enjoy reading a physical book?… Read more

  • Review: Runebinder by Alex R. Kahler

    Review: Runebinder by Alex R. Kahler

    I wasn’t expecting a 5-star read from Runebinder, but I was still expecting something I could like and get some enjoyment out of. Realistically I was looking at maybe a 4-star, absolutely no worse than a 3-star. This story failed to deliver.  We follow Tenn, who is able to use Water and Earth magic. He… Read more

  • Bye Bye Spotify

    Bye Bye Spotify

    I have subscribed to Spotify for years. So many years, I couldn’t tell you how long I’ve subscribed to them. It’s been longer than 10 years, but I shredded any credit card statements prior to the 10 years. Though now, they have made changes to their audiobook Terms of Use for new audiobooks published to… Read more

  • The Polarathon Readathon

    The Polarathon Readathon

    Jade from Jadeyraereads on YouTube has announced a new round of Polarathon, which I have not participated in before but am seriously contemplating participating in this round. At least making a good attempt at it because things are still being crazy around here. The readathon goes for one week, running from Monday, Feb 5 to… Read more

  • Priority Reads For 2024

    Priority Reads For 2024

    I’ve attempted to give myself priority books to read in years past, but have struggled to actually read the books I choose to make a priority since I have a mostly digital library or TBR, since I can’t put them on a shelf exactly, without putting them on separate shelves within their respective reading apps.… Read more

  • 2024 Reading Challenges

    2024 Reading Challenges

    2023 has not been the best when it comes to reading, and certainly not my tracking of whatever reading I did. For 2024 I am setting myself up for a better year, as I have revamped my reading tracker. Something I probably should have done a while ago and certainly before I decided upon my… Read more