• Review: Runebinder by Alex R. Kahler

    Review: Runebinder by Alex R. Kahler

    I wasn’t expecting a 5-star read from Runebinder, but I was still expecting something I could like and get some enjoyment out of. Realistically I was looking at maybe a 4-star, absolutely no worse than a 3-star. This story failed to deliver.  We follow Tenn, who is able to use Water and Earth magic. He… Read more

  • Bye Bye Spotify

    I have subscribed to Spotify for years. So many years, I couldn’t tell you how long I’ve subscribed to them. It’s been longer than 10 years, but I shredded any credit card statements prior to the 10 years. Though now, they have made changes to their audiobook Terms of Use for new audiobooks published to… Read more

  • The Polarathon Readathon

    The Polarathon Readathon

    Jade from Jadeyraereads on YouTube has announced a new round of Polarathon, which I have not participated in before but am seriously contemplating participating in this round. At least making a good attempt at it because things are still being crazy around here. The readathon goes for one week, running from Monday, Feb 5 to… Read more

  • Priority Reads For 2024

    Priority Reads For 2024

    I’ve attempted to give myself priority books to read in years past, but have struggled to actually read the books I choose to make a priority since I have a mostly digital library or TBR, since I can’t put them on a shelf exactly, without putting them on separate shelves within their respective reading apps.… Read more

  • 2024 Reading Challenges

    2024 Reading Challenges

    2023 has not been the best when it comes to reading, and certainly not my tracking of whatever reading I did. For 2024 I am setting myself up for a better year, as I have revamped my reading tracker. Something I probably should have done a while ago and certainly before I decided upon my… Read more

  • Review: A Forest of Vanity and Valor by A.P. Beswick

    Review: A Forest of Vanity and Valor by A.P. Beswick

    This is a Robin Hood retelling, and I loved how the main character who represents Robin Hood grows into the role. He doesn’t start as a good man, instead he starts as a persistent tax collector. Then both our Robin Hood, who is named Vireo, and the man who will become his enemy are broken… Read more