Accessories Every Reader Needs

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One thing readers want to do at any point in the day is read. We have other responsibilities though, such as cooking food to eat, tending a garden, and working at our jobs to pay for our book-buying habit. What should a reader do when one cannot sit down to enjoy reading a physical book? Get some accessories to help our books travel and read books comfortably!

Ear Protection Bluetooth Headphones

While mowing the lawn or running the drill, you would need to turn the volume way up, even using earbuds. Earbuds also lack protection against the noise of the tools. I spotted 3M Ear Protective Bluetooth Headphones a few years ago on an end cap at my local Lowes. I asked for a pair for my birthday and got them. Now when I’m out weedwhacking, I put these on and turn on whatever audiobook I’m listening to. I can still hear the weedwhacker, but I can comfortably hear the audiobook over the noise instead of struggling to focus on the words while trying not to make my ears bleed from the loud noise of the tool and audiobook.

Bone Conduction Headphones

I walk my dog daily, and I’ve been known to try my legs at running when the weather is nice. When out and about like this, it’s nice to be able to hear traffic, other dogs coming towards us, or people coming up on me from behind. Everything is muffled with earbuds, and has led to a few unpleasant surprises. I was watching The Running Channel on YouTube, and in the video, one of the runners talked about using bone-conduction headphones during their run. Intrigued, and once again being around my birthday, I added them to my list. (My family has a rule for birthdays and Christmas where we can’t buy ourselves anything, and the items go on our wishlists.)

The first few times I used them, it felt weird for a bit while I got used to it. These headphones vibrate your skull near your ear canal, which is not a sensation we are used to, so it was surprising when I first started using them. It wasn’t a bad or uncomfortable feeling, just something I had never experienced.


Carrying a physical book or multiple physical books is only sometimes possible. Reading on my phone is not particularly enjoyable since I’m quickly turning pages but not reading many pages. It’s a lot of effort for little reward. I much prefer reading on my Samsung Lite 6 tablet. The screen is larger, which will still come with me almost anywhere. The only place I don’t take my tablet is the grocery store. 

The ebooks will sync, so I can switch between tablet and phone if I choose. So, if I don’t listen to an audiobook while shopping and have to wait in line at the checkout, I can pull out my phone and pick up where I left off. 

Another great thing about the tablet is that lately, I’ve been using it instead of my laptop to outline and draft my NaNoWriMo projects. I also have a Bluetooth travel keyboard that I’ve synced to the tablet, so I don’t have to type on the screen, and comfortably use a keyboard that allows me to type more quickly than if I were using the screen keyboard.

Tablet Stand

A stand for your tablet can be handy, especially if you have a furry reading buddy who likes to take up all your lap space. You can pet your furry buddy with both hands, taking one away at a time for a few seconds to tap the tablet to turn a page. Or if you have carpel tunnel syndrome and your hands hurt from holding the tablet, you can take a break by propping the tablet on the tablet stand.

The stand also comes in handy if the book you are reading is a cookbook and you are cooking one of the recipes out of the book. You have your hands free to cook, and the tablet is propped up for easy reference.

Tea Mug with Infuser

Every reader has their own preference of beverage to have with them while reading. Mine is tea. This mug with an infuser has been a game changer. The infuser is easy to fill and clean, unlike a more traditional small ball or some of the character infusers. I’ve even used the infuser when making tea in a travel mug to take to work. 

This set includes a cover for the mug to keep things hot while steeping, then you can use the same cover to set the infuser on once the tea is done steeping. This is handy since you can usually get another cup from the used tea leaves. I let them sit on the lid while I drink the first cup, then use them later for a second cup.

Reusable Straws

You probably don’t want to take your eyes off the page when you are reading. But if you try to drink something while reading, you will eventually need to pull your eyes away to tip your head back as you drink to get the last bits in the cup. There are those who may be able to lift the book with one hand while holding the drink in the other, but this may be difficult with larger books. I started using a straw in whatever I was drinking, so I no longer was required to tilt my head back to finish off my current drink of choice. 

Reusable straws come in various materials, and even multiple colors so you can find the straw best for your drink and mood. Metal straws I find best for teas because I don’t feel like they diminish some of the flavor of the tea. I don’t recommend putting a metal straw in say a soda though. The first time I tried a metal straw in a soda, the soda fizzed out of the straw. I use silicone straws or plastic for soda. 

These additions have helped me read more and be more comfortable while doing so. Give one or two a try and see if your reading increases or your comfort while reading gets just a little more comfortable.