Dark Intent by A.B. Endacott

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Dark IntentTitle: Dark Intent (Legends of the Godkissed Continent book 4)
Author: A.B. Endacott
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Format: eARC – Electronic Advanced Reader Copy

*I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.*


“You can either live in the world that surrounds you, or you can fight for the world you want.”

Many years after the brutal Kade takeover of the Third Country, healer Freya Kuch has succeeded when many Pious have failed: she is a perfect Kade citizen. However, this life of willing subjugation is torn apart when she is caught in an attack perpetrated by the anarchic followers of the Dark Gods and is assigned to care for Zarech, their captured leader. Contrary to her expectations, he is not a raving madman but charismatic and rational. As she unwillingly becomes closer to Zarech and he reveals knowledge the Kade has deliberately repressed, she begins to reconsider everything.

Her obedience to the strict Kade regime is further complicated by her attraction to Ashtyn, whose bold comments against the Kade frighten and compel her in equal measure. She tries to ignore her feelings knowing full well the brutal punishments for adultery and dissidence. But soon, she is forced to decide: will she maintain her life of careful safety, or give in to her heart’s dark desires and fight against the Kade’s regime?

My thoughts:

My personal opinion of this book sits somewhere between 2 and 3 stars. I started to care for the characters and kept expecting something more to happen. Some big event, some disaster, and was disappointed when nothing happened. It was just a bunch of drama.

The summary got me so excited for this book. I started getting attached to the main character, Freya; then things would happen from a metaphorical distance. She would have conversations with people, or hear of things going on and would then ponder what she discussed, or what she had been told. She would reconcile what she had witnessed and experienced with the new discussion or new information. This was basically the entire book.

I have absolutely no interest in going back to the beginning of this series, it’s not my cup of tea. It’s a drama fantasy, heavy on the drama.