Free The Darkness by Kel Kade

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Title: Free the Darkness (King’s Dark Tidings #1)
Author: Kel Kade
Format: Audible audiobook
Podium Publishing
Narrator: Nick Podehl

I have found a new auto-buy author. Intrigue gripped me from page 1 as I wondered what was going on with a little boy learning they ways of war, and sneaking. Then one day ordered to kill his teachers and released into the world. The run ins he has are almost hilarious because he doesn’t know about friends or friendship, and believes his friends have been assigned him by some greater power.

The journey is rough, and as he gathers more and more friends, harder for him to protect them all. He’s been sent on a mysterious quest though, with no explicit direction, and he stumbles along the way guessing at what to do but seemingly with a firm goal in mind of what he needs to accomplish this goal.

The character development is flawless. Not that the characters don’t have flaws, but that you can’t not picture them on this journey. You wonder how they will react, what they will do, but when decisions are made they seem a natural conclusion.

Once I came to the end, I had to have more. At the end of the audible book was a preview of the second book. I let it play while quickly making my way to the Audible store, finding the next book and downloading it. Once you pick up this story you will be hooked. The first 3 books are out now, and Mr. Kade is working on the 4th. He just recently revealed the cover. You can be sure I will be grabbing the 4th book of the series once it becomes available for preorder.

I also see on his website he is working on a new series. I can’t get over the complex story of King’s Dark Tidings (KDT), and would love to see what this new series can bring.