January 2023 Wrap Up

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I reread the first four books of the Kings Dark Tidings Series by Kel Kade. The fifth book came out last year and I had still recently finished last year Mage of No Renown which is the first book of a spin-off series and provides some backstory to one of our favorite characters of the Kings Dark Tidings series. If you haven’t read these books yet you really should. This is probably my top series of all time. The re-reads of the first four were leading up to me reading…

Cover for Dragons and Demons by Kel Kade.

Dragons and Demons the fifth book of the series, but now I have a problem. I can’t stop thinking about this book and the ending! I have become a bit obsessive in checking Kel Kade’s website for updates, more hoping for updates, to see when we might get the next book.

I then finished No Plot? No Problem by Chris Baty which I had started ironically after NaNoWriMo last year. I was looking for some help as I was pondering continuing the story I started in November for NaNo but have been having some issues with plot. The book helped some, but it is more focused on how to win or at least survive through NaNoWriMo even giving a break down week by week of things you should focus on in that week.

On the last day of January, I finished Vlog Like a Boss by Amy Schmittauer. Some of the information in this book is now outdated because YouTube has changed how their platform works. For example, there was a suggestion to add cards to other websites in your YouTube video, which is something you can’t do today until you have a certain number of subscribers and average watch hours. So I for example, could not post a video and link to one of the many book reviews here using a card in the video. I would have to put those links in the description.

In terms of reading owned books I hadn’t read yet, I only completed two books. I owned Dragons and Demons, and Vlog Like a Boss. I read No Plot No Problem from Scribd. For total books, I’m only counting three since four were re-reads. So I am currently at 3 books of the 65 book goal for the year. Did you read any good books this past month?