Readathon, Wrap Up

Becca’s Bookoplathon Wrap Up

Becca's 48-hour Bookoplathon took place over the weekend of May 21-22. This readathon is particularly special, and I'm sure stressful for Becca, because it is live on YouTube for the full 48 hours. With the help of many hosts, each takes a turn hosting a 4-hour block with chatting, maybe some games, and then reading… Continue reading Becca’s Bookoplathon Wrap Up


Recommending 19 One-Word Title Books

Whateverathon is coming back next month. Like a few other readathons I've participated in, there is a prompt on the Bingo boards for a one-word title. I remember a time where I would struggle to come up with ideas for this prompt. Either the books I found were in genres I didn't want to read, or just didn't sound interesting. Here are a few books I recommend you check out and consider reading.

Cover The Queen of Blood

The Queen of Blood by Sarah Beth Durst

This is written like it's supposed to be plot-driven, but you can guess what will happen. The twists come from acts, that seem out of character. These moments pull you out of the story. This is probably an unpopular opinion since most reviews I heard about this book were great. I was excited to read the book finally but then had these moments pull me out of the book. This is one series I won't be continuing.


Ambitious May TBR

When I was picking what to read this month, I wasn't paying attention to the number of pages. I now have regrets of what I have chosen. Somewhat. While I don't have much hope of getting through anything more than 2 of these books; I still hope I will be able to make time to read all these because I really want to read them all. Together though, with what I have left of the one book carrying over from previous TBRs, these books total 2457 pages.


Dewey’s Readathon | April 2022

I love participating in Dewey's readathon because of the great community feeling around reading. It's also very chill. There's no reading goal, unless you give yourself one. I can't say how many times now I've participated, because it's been a while. Even when I wasn't necessarily posting here or on YouTube, I was participating in this readathon. I'm very excited to get started.