• 5 Books to Read This Spring

    5 Books to Read This Spring

    Spring has finally sprung! Sort of. The weather here is still thinking about playing nice. We have certainly been seeing the April showers. I’m thinking about what to do for my flower garden this year since I still haven’t really done anything with the gardens we have. Part of what we’ve been thinking about is… Read more

  • Books to Get You Out of a Reading Slump

    Books to Get You Out of a Reading Slump

    Every slump is different in its cause. They may be caused by life becoming overwhelming, or you just read the best book ever and don’t think you will ever find another book like it, or any number of things. Books are a great way to remove yourself from the overwhelming life you are facing, and… Read more

  • January 2023 Wrap Up

    January 2023 Wrap Up

    In terms of reading owned books I hadn’t read yet, I only completed two books. I owned Dragons and Demons, and Vlog Like a Boss. I read No Plot No Problem from Scribd. For total books, I’m only counting three since four were re-reads. So I am currently at 3 books of the 65 book… Read more

  • 2022 Best and Worst Books

    2022 Best and Worst Books

    2022 was not a great year of reading for me. It is probably the worst since I started tracking my reading. I only recorded around 30 books and some of these were DNFs. But of those 30 I found many new favorites. Here are a few of those favorites, and some of the not so… Read more

  • Review: The Choice by Nora Roberts

    Review: The Choice by Nora Roberts

    The Choice by Nora Roberts is the third and final book of The Dragon Heart Legacy. I loved the build-up to the final battle but then felt a little let down that Odran didn’t put up more of a fight. Read more

  • 2023 Reading Goals

    2023 Reading Goals

    Happy New Year! Let’s hope we break the curse of the 2020s this year. Not just the pandemic, but I’ve been struggling with my reading. Last year I think was the worst, although that’s hard to say because I didn’t track 2020 or much of 2021. I also struggled even in my tracking because many… Read more