5 Books to Read this Summer

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Summer is usually a time of family vacations and time to just sit back, relax, enjoy the weather or a nice swim in the pool to cool down. For many book lovers, and book worms this is the perfect time to sit outside at a park under a tree, enjoy some shade and nice breeze while reading a good book. Below are 5 books or starts to series you may like to pick up for a relaxing read.

1. Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya

Fruits Basket is a nice relaxing Manga series. It is a Contemporary Fantasy YA Drama, following a young High School girl who ends up living with a small house full of a man and two other school boys belonging to the Soma family. The family suffers from a strange curse, which is where the fantasy comes in, and they turn into the various animals of the zodiac if touched by someone of the opposite sex. This leads to some funny situations. Also, one of the boys she lives with turns into the cat, which for reasons we don’t exactly know right away, is not accepted as part of the main zodiac but is part of the zodiac story.

There are many books in the series and they don’t take long to get through. They are pretty thick, but the illustrations take up most of each page. I can usually finish a book over a weekend.

2. The Revelation of Light and Dark by Sawyer Bennet

The Revelation of Light and Dark is the first book of a series by Sawyer Bennett. The audiobooks are currently slowly being released this year, but the digital or hardcover and paperback options for the series are available at Amazon. I was lucky enough to get an ARC of the audiobook for Revelation of Light and Dark and am now anxiously waiting for July 25th, when the second book, A Discovery of Secrets and Fate will be available on audio as well.

The first book I would classify as Urban Fantasy Romance, despite us not getting a small kiss. We do get a certain spark the reader is allowed to see between the two main characters. Finley is a human, and the only human, as far as Carrick knows who can see the Daemon and Fae. Carrick is something else entirely and wants something. He is lead to Finley as being someone who can help him get what he wants. Finley knows he is using her and tries to keep him at somewhat of a distance while not ticking him off. There is a bit of mystery for the reader as well since we also don’t know what Carrick wants, but have some hint as to what more he may be. The two certainly have an interesting working relationship and I’m dying to find where it goes.

3. Legends and Lattes by Travis Baldtree

Legends and Lattes by Travis Baldtree has been around the book socials for a while, and I only recently found why. There is some normal life, with a hint of adventure and suspense. The main character is an Ork who used to take on jobs to kill monsters, or other jobs where a sword would be required and her life was always in danger. Now she’s decided to open a coffee shop where no one knows what coffee even is and she also can’t really describe the taste. She meets some interesting people who help her open the coffee shop and make it successful, but there is something else going on in the town and someone she used to know is trying to take something precious of hers.

4. Kill the Queen by Jennifer Estep

I read Kill the Queen many years ago, but it has left a lasting impression. This is the first book in a trilogy where the current Queen is killed by her daughter so she can become Queen. The princess takes over in a very bloody battle, but there is one who is meant to be Queen. She can not just pop her head out though and be Queen, through cunning and careful strategy she works to take back the Kingdom.

5. The Crown Tower by Michael J Sullivan

The Crown Tower is the first book of the Riyria Chronicles, and tells the story of how two unlikely men come to work together and become friends. One is a thief, one a skilled swordsman. These two unlikely, what some may call heroes, at first glance go together like oil and water, but somehow they come to work and trust each other. I loved this introduction into these two, even though I actually read Theft of Swords first. Theft of Swords is a bit further into the story of these two amazing characters, but I enjoyed it and after finishing did research only to realize I was likely supposed to read this one first before starting with the other series, Riyria Revelations. Either way, these two have some crazy adventures, and hilarious interactions both with each other, and some of those around them.