Review: A Crown So Cursed by L.L. McKinney

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Cover of A Crown So Cursed by L.L. McKinney


Alice must save Wonderland from itself in A Crown So Cursed, the long-awaited third book in L.L. McKinney’s Nightmare-Verse series.

Alice and her crew are doing their best to recover from the last boss battle, but some of them keep having these. . . dreams: visions of a dark past—and an even darker future. Sadly, the evil in Wonderland may not be as defeated as they’d hoped.

Attacked by Nightmares unlike any they’ve ever seen, Alice will have to step between the coming darkness and the mortal world once more. But this time is different. This time, the monsters aren’t waiting for her on the other side of the Veil.

They’re in her own back yard.

My Thoughts

A Crown So Cursed was one of my highly anticipated releases for this year. Ever since I finished the previous book in the Nightmare-verse I was waiting for the release and the moment I would be able to read the book. I wanted the book so badly, I realized a little late, I preordered the audiobook and the ebook from the Google Play store.

The Nightmare-Verse starts with A Blade So Black and is an Alice in Wonderland retelling. The way L.L. McKinney has adapted Alice in Wonderland to me just works so well and yet has made a whole new story. The whole thing just works so well. I have very much enjoyed the series as a whole.

The characters are lovable and you can’t help but cheer them on. My favorite characters are probably Hatta and Maddi. Together they are the reimagined characters of Hatter and the Mouse. Hatter isn’t exactly Mad, but he does at times have voices and things going on in his head. Maddie can only talk in riddles and rhymes and they seemingly make no sense. I’m always laughing when the characters are trying to guess at what she is saying.

This being the third and final book I’ll try to not get too specific with the plot. I will say my guess from events in the second book for who Alice’s Grandmother is, was almost spot on. I was a bit general in my guess, and L.L. McKinney has someone specific in mind. There were some big twists in this final book. Just when you think things are going one way, BOOM, nope once again things are not going to plan.

This is one of my favorite series ever. I will be checking out some of her other works, and definitely be grabbing anything new she puts out. She is one of my favorite authors.