Review: Blood Gamble by Melissa F Olsen

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Title: Blood Gamble (Disrupted Magic book 2)
Author: Melissa F Olsen
Format: Audible Audiobook
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Narrator: Amy McFadden


Scarlett Bernard hates Vegas, for personal reasons. You probably think she has a gambling problem, but those reasons have nothing to do with gambling.

Scarlett is a null. This is nothing to worry about if you are human. For vampires, werewolves, and witches though, it means they lose their abilities. So a vampire will need to remember to breath again, and a werewolf won’t have to worry about silver bullets, other than the fact that the bullet itself will still do some damage. Witches just can’t perform most spells with Scarlett around.

As a null, she is valuable to the Old World. She currently works for the cardinal vampire in Los Angeles cleaning up those magical messes. Now though, a special show has caught her boss’s attention, and he wants her to travel to Vegas to check it out. The show was created by vampire celebrities Arthur and Lucy Holmwood, who once inspired characters from the original Dracula. Knowing who the real Arthur and Lucy were, Scarlett’s boss is worried about what this show is. At first Scarlett refuses, but soon her boss uses her family and get’s Scarlett to Vegas.

In Vegas, she learns the show is definitely something to be worried about. Not only is the show concerning, but Vampires from Vegas and visiting are disappearing. Nothing good can come from this show continuing, but Scarlett is on her own for this one.


Blood Gamble is a fantasy book with the top 3 fantasy species, werewolves, witches, and vampires. You don’t have to pick which one you prefer to read about. Although this book is mostly lacking in the werewolf department, we only briefly hear about some trouble going on back in LA. There are definitely a lot of vampires in the story.

I’ve been a fan of these books partly because Scarlett is written so well. She’s just like you or me, just trying to get through another day, trying to make ends meet. Plus, she has an interesting way of looking at things, and you just can’t help but laugh.

The writing is fantastic, with the story being told from Scarlett’s point of view. Amy McFadden is great at bringing Scarlett to life. If I read the book I don’t think I’d hear a different voice in my head for the story.

I’d recommend this book to any fantasy lover, or someone wanting to give fantasy a try.