Review: Mage of No Renown

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Book Cover Mage of No Renown by Kel Kade


Wesson is still years from becoming a man when an immense darkness stirs within his core. The sinister power bursts free during a confrontation with an old enemy, and Wesson’s tranquil life is left in tatters. Forced to flee a murderous mob, Wesson stumbles onto a tumultuous path where he must confront the destructive power he has awakened. He must learn control over the power he wields or risk being consumed by it. As he wrestles with his training, an assassin stalks his every move. This new enemy is sent by a mysterious foe, one who will force Wesson to choose between the kindness in his heart and the seductive power in his soul.

My Thoughts

Mage of No Renown follows a young boy named Wessen as he grows up and learns to manage his powers of darkness and destruction. He is trained by a Master Battle Mage who actually doesn’t have powers anything like Wesson. The lessons are more theoretical, and yet, Wesson learns and with his teacher and some friends, learns to manage his powers. The thing is, does anyone realize how much power he actually holds?

It had been a while since I had last read any of the King’s Dark Tidings books, thankfully Kel Kade puts in an Epilogue to tie this book with the main series. Knowing what Wessen is hiding and being reminded who he is, I am more excited than ever to continue reading the King’s Dark Tidings series. The fifth book, Dragons and Demons, is now out and available on Amazon as a Hardcover, Audible, or Kindle. Kel notes Mage of No Renown can be read either as a prequel or between the 4th and 5th books. With this note from her, I feel like we are about to see Wessen play a major role in Dragons and Demons.

Wesson’s life is falling apart, and we wonder how he and his mother will be able to get out of this trouble. When we learn of some good news that may work, something else goes wrong which puts Wesson on the run as a young child. Things just don’t seem to be working out for Wesson, and the story flows in a way where we keep reading to see if he will ever get what he wants.

We meet a whole cast of new characters, and I love them all. Even the assassin sent after Wessen. I am hoping we get to see some of Wessen’s friends later, or maybe the Master Battle Mage who trained him. I love these characters so much and want more with them. I could see the Master Battle Mage coming in with maybe some instructions or warnings to Reskin, he could be a great advisor even though Reskin is kind of a Master himself.

If you haven’t tried the King’s Dark Tidings series by Kel Kade Mage of no Renown could be a great place to start.