The Polarathon Readathon

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Jade from Jadeyraereads on YouTube has announced a new round of Polarathon, which I have not participated in before but am seriously contemplating participating in this round. At least making a good attempt at it because things are still being crazy around here. The readathon goes for one week, running from Monday, Feb 5 to Sunday, Feb 11. A week alone doesn’t give a lot of leeway for when things get really out of hand, and I lose an entire evening of reading because I’m working on something requiring intense concentration, making even an audiobook impossible. 

I will join Beth’s team, which is the Arctic Fox. I don’t have any polar fantasies, or at least not any I understand to be a polar fantasy after reading the synopses. So, the Arctic Fox team will help me earn additional points, or in this case, snowballs for the team.

Runebinder by Alex R. Kahler

Magic came back to this world we are in, but humanity went a little too wild and destroyed civilization as we know it. Or knew it in the setting of the book. Tenn is a hunter who is fighting for humanity even though hope is basically gone. Until one day, Tenn realizes he is basically a pawn in a larger game.

I’ve heard this book also has LGBT elements including gay romance, and after reading the book’s synopsis, I think the romance may be with one of those people Tenn realizes is using him as a pawn. So maybe an enemies-to-lover kind of romance? I don’t know. While there don’t seem to be any dragons, there are other mythical creatures and magic, and our character is trying to save the world, which usually means large battles. I’m in!

Dragonslayer by Duncan Hamilton

The synopsis for this one leads me to believe the main character at least may be kind of similar to one or two of the characters from Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames. Guillot used to be a Dragonslayer, but then the dragons went extinct, and Guillot basically becomes a drunk. That is, until people go touching things they probably should be touching and exploring abandoned forgotten places which shouldn’t be explored, and oops, they need a dragonslayer but there is only one. Guillot who is drunk. This sounds like it will at least make me giggle, and I could use a giggle, plus there are going to be dragons. Or at least a dragon. This is the first book of the Dragonslayer trilogy.

The Iron Crown by L.L. MacRae

Needing an audiobook for when I am driving or cleaning or something where I can’t physically read, I had to turn to Everand. I own exactly 0 audiobooks, with a blue cover, I haven’t already listened to. On Everand I discovered The Iron Crown by L.L. MacRae, narrated by RJ Bayley.

Honestly, all I needed to read of the summary before I was like, I’m in was the first paragraph: “Fenn’s first and only memory is finding himself in the middle of a forest, face to face with a dragon spirit mocking him, all knowledge gone apart from his own name.” Say no more. I am officially intrigued and interested in seeing what fun this story has to offer.

I’m hoping to complete reading at least 2 of these during the Polarathon, and have a good portion of the third completed before next Sunday. We shall see how productive I am able to be.