2019 Audiobook Challenge

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As I  previously mentioned, 2019 is going to be interesting and full. Audiobooks will likely be the only reason I will have read more books than I did this year. Or at least that is going to be the idea. To keep the pressure off though I am going to keep my Goodreads goal at 52.
I also will need to keep myself from going totally crazy with the projects my boss has planned for me next year, to prevent an In Death stasis. I am already aware of four projects with tight deadlines. How tight? Similar projects have taken close to 6 months, and next year they will need to be complete in half the time. I’m already feeling the stress, and they haven’t even started yet.
So, if audiobooks are going to be my life raft for my reading next year, why not join in this challenge? You can also feel free to join in. Track your reading using whatever app or system you have, and check in periodically. For more information, click the image at the top of this post to see the announcement post from Kim at Caffeinated Reviewer.