2022 Reading Challenges

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I’m sure most readers have already decided if they will or will not participate in any reading challenges this year. I wasn’t sure how the year was going to go, and it really hasn’t started that great with me starting 4 books in January, but only managed to finish 1. Although, I am feeling very motivated to read lately and am encouraged that February may be better…even though I have yet to finish a book including the others I had started in January.

Girlxoxo has a Master list of reading challenges each year. I checked out the list with some idea of what challenges I would be interested in, and found 3 I’ve decided to participate in this year.

Adult SFF Backlist Books Challenge

The first challenge I found is the Adult SFF Backlist Books Challenge. This challenge does have monthly themes which will be an additional challenge to stick to, but they seem to be general enough I think it will be manageable. For example, this month’s theme is Time. These themes are up for your own personal interpretation, which should help allowing books I hopefully already own to fit each month’s theme. The books read need to fall into the Adult classification instead of like YA or New Adult. Since this seems to be where my reading is going anyways, I figure this would be a good one to join.

Finishing the Series Reading Challenge

As I develop my reading tracker, I’ve noticed I have started but not finished many series, and many of those series I was excited to read. Some aren’t even series, but are trilogies, and I’ve only read the first book. Yikes. Nothing like starting a trilogy, one already finished at the time you started, and yet you still go years after reading the first book and still don’t pick up the next. I was already planning to pay more attention to series this year, and now the Finishing the Series Reading Challenge will hopefully help with that. I’m going to aim for a B level, which is defined in the challenge as finishing 5-8 series. For series with books yet to come out, the goal is to catch up to the last book published.

Mount TBR

I’ve joined this one before, but was really bad at tracking my progress. This is specifically for reading books off your owned TBR. Mount TBR is cool, in that it defines each level, or goal, as actual mountains making it possible to climb Mt. Everest from your couch. No, I am not choosing Everest as my goal. Feeling like work is picking up in the craziness level, still having home projects to finish I would really like to finish sooner rather than later, and some family stuff still happening, I decided to be smart and I am starting with the goal of Mt. Vancouver, which is to read 36 books from my owned TBR.

Do you have any reading challenges you’ve joined in this year?