Books to Get You Out of a Reading Slump

Every slump is different in its cause. They may be caused by life becoming overwhelming, or you just read the best book ever and don’t think you will ever find another book like it, or any number of things. Books are a great way to remove yourself from the overwhelming life you are facing, and… Continue reading Books to Get You Out of a Reading Slump


11 Books to Read this Autumn

Witch13 by Patrick Delaney I read this months ago after obtaining an early copy from NetGalley. This is out now and is such a good horror. I’m still jumping at shadows, but then horror never was one of my favorite genres. It’s too good at scaring me.  Witch You Well by Colleen Cross Witch You… Continue reading 11 Books to Read this Autumn


9 Series I Want to Start in 2022

In no particular order, these are a few series I would still love to get to this year. Founders Trilogy by Robert Jackson Bennett I've heard many book lovers talk about this series, and it sounds like it's something I would enjoy. Plus, Brandon Sanderson has blurbed it stating: “The exciting beginning of a promising… Continue reading 9 Series I Want to Start in 2022


Recommending 19 One-Word Title Books

Whateverathon is coming back next month. Like a few other readathons I've participated in, there is a prompt on the Bingo boards for a one-word title. I remember a time where I would struggle to come up with ideas for this prompt. Either the books I found were in genres I didn't want to read, or just didn't sound interesting. Here are a few books I recommend you check out and consider reading.


2019 Favorite Books

This list is not all inclusive, but a few of the books I really enjoyed and wanted to mention again. There is one series on here I'm wondering if maybe I did hear about and just wasn't ready for it at the time, or maybe I was living in a hole or something at the time of it's hype. Keep reading to see what series I'm talking about.

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Finally Fall Book Tag!

I love Fall, and Spring. They both have temperatures, just right, and nature is quite beautiful. Since we are coming into Fall, I thought it was the perfect time to do the Finally Fall Book Tag. This tag was created by YouTuber Tall Tales last year, and I'm excited to be participating in the tag… Continue reading Finally Fall Book Tag!


Book Recommendations #1

I decided to do something a little different this time around. Usually, when I film a recommendations video for YouTube, I stick to one genre. But I've kind of been bouncing around lately in my reading, and it can be good to try different genres. So I was thinking about starting a new series of… Continue reading Book Recommendations #1