Abhorsen by Garth Nix

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Abhorsen by Garth Nix
The Old Kingdom #3
Published by Listening Library
Narrated by Tim Curry

Before she went to join Sam and Mogget downstairs, Lirael paused for a moment to look at herself in the tall silver mirror that hung on the wall of her room. The image that faced her bore little resemblance to the Second Assistant Librarian of the Clayr. She saw a warlike and grim young woman, dark hair bound back with a silver cord rather than hanging free to disguise her face. She no longer wore her librarian’s waistcoat, and she had a long Nehima at her side rather than a library-issue dagger. But she had kept her library whistle, tucking it into the small pouch at her belt. Though she was many, many leagues from any help the whistle might summon, she felt the need to cling to some small part of her past and her identity.

She had become an Abhorsen, Lirael thought, at least on the outside.

After a while, this book totally had my attention. After listening to Lirael, I had to wonder if she would accept she was the Abhorsen. This curiosity kept me reading, but additionally wondering if the attack would be stopped.

Everything seems to be falling around our Lirael and Sam, and they handle it only as they can. They do have The Disreputable Dog and Mogget to help guide them and give them advice. Things are also going bad for Sam’s parents as they are attacked in the street.

Lirael is struggling a bit with who she always wanted to be, with who she is. Sometimes I think we struggle with this ourselves a bit. So it was interesting to watch a character go through that in a story. She always wanted to be one of the Clayr, because she grew up with them, and her mother was one of them.

I really enjoyed the narration of Abhorsen. Tim Curry brought out the stress of each situation the characters are in. If you have the opportunity, I recommend the audiobook.