Sunday Post #69: Week of Procrastinating

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I am sitting here, on a Saturday night, being unproductive, so I’m making myself write this post. I’ve just been watching YouTube videos for the last probably 3 hours. Not reading, not writing the reviews I’m behind on, not editing my Bout of Books vlog – yes I recorded myself, but I’ve done this several times and never edited and put together the video, which is why I haven’t been posting on YouTube. This is more or less how this week has gone. I really need to fix this, I’m just not sure how. With this, I’m pondering how sane I am to be thinking of starting a side job just for me. If I can’t find the energy to do what I want to do now, how am I supposed to find the energy for yet another thing? Hopefully I will unlock the secrets of my brain soon. ?

I did have fun with family both Friday for our pizza night, then with my husband’s family Saturday evening for the January birthdays. We did not have fun shoveling the snow Saturday morning. It was wet snow, which made it heavy. With the amount of snow and rain, it was about 4 inches of wet snow. We have a corner lot, so it was a lot of sidewalk, and our driveway. Then back out after the plows went by since they pushed snow onto the driveway and sidewalks.

Currently Reading

I do not at the moment have an audiobook going. I just completed Protect the Prince, which I started earlier this week. I haven’t decided what to pick up next; I feel a kind of book crisis coming on. I’m not getting hooked in most of the books I’ve picked up. You’ll notice, for example, Outlander, Heart of a Huntsman, and Warbreaker are not listed here. I haven’t picked up any of these in over a week and at the moment don’t feel an urge to go back to them soon either. Even while I kind of want to finish them, or continue since I’m not that far yet in 2 of these, I don’t think I can count these as books I’m currently reading.