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Abandoned in Death by J.D. Robb

Say goodnight, baby darling Three young women have gone missing. They're all pretty, mid-twenties - someone clearly has a type. But no one links their disappearances until the first - Lauren Elder - is found lying peacefully on a bench in a children's playground. She is neatly dressed with a wide black velvet ribbon covering… Continue reading Abandoned in Death by J.D. Robb

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Ignatius and the Swords of Nostaw

Ignatius and the Swords of Nostaw by D. A. MucciPublished by St. Barts PublishingPublished October 19, 2021I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review The towering stone Castle Maol, the unrivaled seat of power in the Kingdom of Skye, sat inland almost bereft of life. Once known for its inspirational… Continue reading Ignatius and the Swords of Nostaw

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Review: Winter’s Fury

Almost right from page 1, I was hooked. The writing in this, did something I had not experienced in a long time. I picked it up and did not want to stop. I had a hard time finding "good places" to stop for the night, or before going to start my work day, and all too often, had to put it down desperate to know what was about to happen. I became slightly more productive at work because I was so focused on getting what I needed to done, because I wanted to get back to the story as quickly as possible.