Creating a TBR list

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I don’t usually create TBRs for a month because I’m more of a mood reader; I read what I feel like reading. The problem with this is there are books I actually need to read and those I should be reading. An example would be the book my sister let me borrow at Christmas which I’ve read one chapter in. Also, I should say, I read that one chapter over a month ago. She’s already read the book, but she’s very particular about the condition of her books. I have a dog, his fur gets everywhere, so I would rather get it out of my house rather than risk it getting too furry. So I’ve decided instead of creating a monthly TBR list, I could create a quarterly TBR and hopefully not feel too restricted in what I can read.

I’m adding to read my quarterly TBR to my Quarterly Goals. If I don’t complete all books on the TBR, I fail this goal. I best make sure I read all the books on the TBR. Being a mood reader I know I need to be able to leave room for books not on my TBR. So there won’t be any crazy number of books on this list, but there will be many as this list is for the quarter.

The books I hope to read this quarter are:

  1. Novice by Taran Matharu. This is the book my sister let me borrow at Christmas, and I have read the first chapter. I’ve had this book for almost 4 months, and have read the first chapter, but haven’t picked it up again in over a month.
  2. Road of the Lost by Aiden Russell. This is a book I’ve received through NetGalley from the publisher.
  3. Tube Ritual Vol 1 by Brian G Johnson. I’ve had this book through Kindle Unlimited for several months, probably close to a year. I think it’s time I read this book.
  4. Traitor Born by Amy A Bartol. I am very grateful I received this book from the publisher through NetGalley. I read the first book, Second Born, and I very much enjoyed it and needed the next book like now…apparently I didn’t need it like now because I’ve had this for probably a month now and I haven’t read it yet. Yet at the same time, I still can’t wait to pick it up.
  5. The Midnight Sea by Kat Ross. This is a book I grabbed early last year and haven’t read yet. I don’t even remember why I thought I’d like it, so this one will be a surprise when I pick it up.
  6. Regent by Brian Rathbone. I picked up this book a few years ago now after finding the author on Twitter. I enjoyed his Tweets and wanted to check out his books. This one at the time sounded interesting, but I no longer remember what the book is about.
  7. Curio by Evangeline Denmark. This one I remember seeing on Booktube somewhere, but I have again forgotten what this is about. You’ve probably noticed this is a theme in my TBR.
  8. Tokyo Ghoul #1 by Sui Ishida. This is a manga book that I’ve been wanting to try and I received for Christmas. I will finally read it sometime this quarter.

These are the books I’m hoping to read this quarter. This being the first time I’m doing this, I didn’t want to go crazy. Most of these I have in ebook format and will take time to actually read, which is probably why they are still sitting unread. So, here is an attempt to start decreasing the number of books on my TBR pile.