Dragonmark by Sherrilyn Kenyon

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Dragonmark by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Dark-Hunter #27
Brilliance Audio
Narrated by Holter Graham

Centuries ago, Illarion was betrayed – a dragon made human against his will, then forced to serve humanity as a dragonmount in their army, and to fight for them in barbaric wars, even while he hated everything about them. Enslaved and separated from everyone he knew and from his own dragon brothers, he was forced into exile in a fey realm where he lost the only thing he ever really loved.

Now he has a chance to regain what’s been lost – to have the one thing he covets most. But only if he gives up his brothers and forsakes the oaths he holds most dear. Yet what terrifies him most isn’t the cost his happiness might incur, it’s the fact that there is just enough human in his dragon’s heart that he might actually be willing to pay it and betray everything and everyone – to see the entire world burn….

This I felt had an interesting idea. The main male character is a dragon but he can switch between human and dragon forms. Obviously, he is more powerful as a dragon, and he prefers his dragon form. He hates mingling with the humans, but does when forced…or at least attends events but may not exactly mingle.

We do somewhat late in the book get to meet up with some of our favorite characters from the Dark-Hunter series. There is always a spot of trouble which will take everyone working together to get out of. Combine this with a few twists and turns, and you have an enjoyable read.

Holter Graham narrates a lot of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s books. Most recently before picking this up, I had re-listened to one of the books from her The League series so had some time where we were still learning the characters, and I was struggling to not associate his voice with characters in the other books. Once I overcame that though, I very quickly was carried away and through the story.

There’s a bit of quick romance in these books, and Dragonmark is no different. I don’t mind this much, but something to beware of if you don’t enjoy the insta-romance trope, you may not enjoy this book or series. If this however, does not bother you, feel free to pick this book up. I also think you can read this out of order, as I think I left off around book 7 or 8 last in the series, but had this already and really wanted to read it; so I did. Even with reading this out of order, I was able to follow along.