June & Whateverathon Wrap Up

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June was somewhat busy, as I was also preparing for a co-workers retirement party at work. I managed to complete 4 books towards the readathon, and I had pledged 4. So I at least completed my goal. However, I could have read more, but picked up a gook I ended up DNFing, and two others I lost interest in real quick.

I read an eARC received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Witch13 is a horror, which is a genre I usually stay far away from. It may have been the beginning of June when I finished this, but I am still jumping at shadows.

Death of Dulgath was the next book I needed to read in the Riyria Chronicles. I listened to this as an audiobook, and never really stopped listening. I managed to finish this in a day or two.

Fallen Empire is very short and the first book of a new series; one I’m not sure yet I’m going to continue. Making myself read this to the end, may have been the start of what put me in a bad mood for reading. I was never very invested, and the book is only a little over 100 pages. Not really enough to get very hooked before things have to move on. Perhaps, I don’t like short books?

Bloody Rose has 4 s’s on the cover, so this definitely marked off that prompt. And those S’s don’t count the ones occurring in the blub by Sam Sykes on the cover. I listened to the audiobook, and again, very much enjoyed myself. This also completed, what is currently a duology, but I’ve heard Mr. Eames is working on a third book for this series.

Fruit’s Basket, a series I got in to years ago thanks to my sister, and have been working my way through the manga very slowly. I had a nice time reading this at my husband’s family cottage, while also glancing up and watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Johnny Depp. I hope it won’t be another year before I read volume 6.

I DNF’d The Atlas Six. I was questionable about this one to begin with because of the iffy reviews I had been hearing about. This was to at least cover the prompt for a host fav.

After DNFing The Atlas Six, I tried The Fever King which I got from Scribd. However, soon, I just lost interest in reading. Period. So it, and Truthwitch which I started reading after Fruits Basket to fill the prompt of Last Letter > First Letter, were both basically put down. Perhaps I will pick up either The Fever King or Truthwitch in the future, but I don’t know.

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