Kingdoms and Chaos by Kel Kade

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51wh-1A9p1LTitle: Kingdoms and Chaos (Book 4: Kings Dark Tidings)
Author: Kel Kade
Publisher: Dark Rover Publishing LLC

I found Kel Kade and his King’s Dark Tidings series earlier this year and could not stop! This series just carried me away. So when I learned the fourth book was being released in September I pre-ordered it and got up early on release day to read it.

The story carries on from after Reskin helped establish a new Kingdom to escape the King of Ashaii and his imprisonment and killing of the people he saw as a threat. Reskin takes steps for this new kingdom to be recognized, but things kind of get carried away. Demons have already infiltrated this realm, and they keep forcing Reskin to fight while on his missions. We also finally learn of Reskin’s family and a little of how extreme his training was.

I very much enjoyed the story, even with the trope of to complete one mission you must first complete a different mission. I feel this book is not as good as some of the others, the shocking facts revealed are what kept me reading. Feeling there was always another shock around the corner I kept reading on. All the way to the end, to which I’m pretty sure my heart stopped for a brief second. I couldn’t believe the ending and had to read it two more times before what happened sunk in. Not that I didn’t understand, but the cliffhanger is a doozy.

To read the series from the beginning, first pick up a copy of Free the Darkness, available from Amazon and audible.