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Sunday Post 24: Puppy Madness

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You may have guessed from the title, we got a puppy. Someone send help. Two humans, in need of sleep and nutrition. We keep burning off what we take in running around with the puppy trying to keep up. Even as I write this, he is barking and whining for attention. He is also teething, so he thinks your hand which is petting him, is something to be bit at or chewed on. The leaves remaining in the yard are also his chew things. We will also need to be good about weed control, because he’s trying to eat those too. I must confess, he has been a big help at getting the weeds out of the crack formed by the patio meeting the house. The little monster’s name is Dante. My husband is a gamer, so he’s named after the main character of Devil May Cry.


At the day job, my coworkers and I are desperately trying to wrap things up for the year. Things are getting tight. How tight? Some are cancelling their time off so they can finish projects. This is also making me nervous because we have a tight turn around time for one of our end of year reports which I put together. While I freak out, I know when the moment comes, I will be having at least a little bit of fun. I love the high of adrenaline from trying to put together something in a short time. I’m just not sure if it will be the fun adrenaline high, or the freak out high because there are other items we each need to put together in the month of January and it seems like the due dates are one right after the other. I know we will make it through, I’m just not sure how many extra hours it will take to make it through.

It’s also going to be tight at work for a while because we are losing one of our team to a promotion with another company. This may make things here and my YouTube channel a bit interesting. I may miss some posts, hopefully nothing as bad as the month long hiatus that just occured. I’m also going to try to step up my game and post more. I’m not committing to this yet. I’m still only promising a post here every Tuesday, and a post on YouTube every Saturday. I would really like to do more though.

Our families are also getting ready for Christmas. We have three days of Christmas as each family is hosting on a different day. We are unfortunately passing on one of our families because Dante will not go in the crate for long periods of time, in fact I don’t think he’s sat in there for 5 minutes before going nuts to be let out. Before someone comments to throw some toys in there, give him a treat toy to last, and while training to give him treats through the bars…we did all that. He is not food motivated. In fact while potty training there were a few times in the beginning, when he was offered the treat after doing his business, he sniffed it and then walked off leaving the treat alone in the hand. The good news, is the family we are missing for Christmas, we just saw at Thanksgiving.

In fact, I need to go get ready for the first of the three family gatherings. I’m going to go now, and I will see you soon. I hope you all have a happy holiday. ⛄️?

2 thoughts on “Sunday Post 24: Puppy Madness”

  1. OK while I may love puppies this sounds like too much work. Our puppy we got (16 years ago) was crate trained when we got her so that was a plus. She liked her crate enough she would go in there when the door was open to rest or sleep.

    I hope you have a lovely holiday with whatever family gatherings you can manage.

    I have worked in accounting situations as well as systems conversions where it was exciting but time consuming to work on a project with tight deadlines. It was also a huge relief and feeling of accomplishment. Good luck. Anne – Books of My Heart

    1. We’ve done the puppy thing before, but had another adult dog in the house to help teach, and that puppy was seriously food motivated. This is a whole new experience.

      We managed 3 of 4 family gatherings. And thank you for the good luck, I think I’m going to need it.

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