My Favorite Reiki YouTubers

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Reiki is said to be energy healing. I stumbled across it by accident while looking for things to help deal with stress. I looked in to it a bit on YouTube and have a few favorite Reiki YouTubers I’d like to share with you.

Reiki Healing Hope ASMR – I found this channel from YouTube suggesting one of her videos. Since then, when I’m feeling lost, or stressed, this is one of the channels I turn to. I am mesmerized by the lights in the background; somehow this makes me feel somewhat like I’m in a fantasy land. I always feel better after watching a video, and usually before the video is even done.

Silver Hare – Back in May or June 2020, he did a collaboration video with another Reiki YouTuber I had started following. He was the second Reiki YouTuber I started following. He also will do some role play ASMR videos. I’ll be honest and say I don’t always watch his role play videos. My mood over the last year to year and a half has led me to seek more the Reiki videos. And he posts so many videos, I don’t always make it backwards enough to find the role play videos I missed. The role play videos I have seen though, are really great and creative.

Sarah Louise Tilsley – I found Sarah as a recommended video from another Reiki video. I was especially excited when I found her as I’ve been trying to find Irish YouTubers. I’m exploring this part of my family tree, and she does Druid and Celtic Reiki among others. I don’t always get the same feeling like she is reaching in my energy and cleansing it, as I do with the other YouTubers on this list, but still feel a mood change for the better. My improved mood also sticks around for a while and I’m not as easily pushed back to the stress and other negative emotions. I also enjoy how she experiments; such as this video with fossils.

The Lune INNATE – This is the first Reiki channel I found after I learned of Reiki and searched for it on YouTube. Whatever the topic of the video, healing, dreaming, prioritizing your personal needs, whatever it is, she accomplishes her goal. I especially enjoy when she tries a POV video. For some reason I feel the reiki working better when she does this.