Reign of Madness by Kel Kade

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Title: Reign of Madness (book 2: Kings Dark Tidings)
Author: Kel Kade
Publisher: Podium Publishing

**This review contains spoilers if you have not already read book 1 – Free the Darkness.**

Reign of Madness is the second book in the Kings Dark Tidings series by Kel Kade. When we last left our friends, and gorgeous lead character, they were about to head out to the Kings Tournament. This story picks up where we left off. They are at the port getting ready for travel. The difference is this time Rezkin begins playing the role of a noble, and we get to see his acting and skill of manipulation.

On the journey and through the tournament, we also see a bit of the King’s madness. The travelers discuss the new laws being made, and things happening with the King’s Counsel.

Rezkin’s ability to manipulate and adjust to situations happening around him is something to be admired. In all his manipulations, he never actually lies. I challenge you to read this book and find just once where he lies to anyone. He is still looking for answers, but at least finds Striker Farsen. Farsen however, doesn’t help Rezkin learn anything of himself, but does hint at some possible answers.

We meet several new friends, although Rezkin still hasn’t quite figured out how people become his friends. I think he is starting to figure out, he gets to choose his friends. He still doesn’t understand all the emotions he feels, or what they are.

I can’t seem to stop myself from reading these books over and over. I am intrigued by Rezkin and how little he knows of personal interactions, but somehow be a master of manipulation and reading people to appropriately solve problems with the seemingly best solution. He is also able to change his plans on a whim, and adjust to the unexpected making it work to his advantage.