Review: Champions of the Dragon: Epic Fallacy Book 1 by Michael James Ploof

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Title: Champions of the Dragon: Epic Fallacy Book 1
Author: Michael James Ploof
Publisher: Michael James Ploof
Format: Audiobook
Narrator: Saethon Williams

This book reminded me of the Monty Python movies; I probably shouldn’t say movies since I have only seen one of them. You couldn’t help but laugh at the stupidity of the characters.

The plot is about a group of champions chosen by a great wizard. What few know is the champions aren’t really champions. They are 5 people, one from each of 5 towns, chosen because they are bringing something bad to the town. For example, one of the champions is an ogre who can not control her appetite and was eating the town out of all their food.

The champions are on a quest to kill a dragon so people can go on living without worrying about being tortured by the dragon. So they think, they are actually being escorted to the dragon to be food for her little dragons. Or are they actually on their way to getting some much needed confidence in themselves, learning to work as a group, and maybe actually going to kill the dragon? We won’t find out in this book but it is hinted that maybe the wizard has other plans for this band of misfits.

The quest is filled with dangers, and how the champions deal with the dangers is hilarious. The champions are unique in their own rights.

I am not a fan of Monty Python, and kept being reminded of the movie, and yet I couldn’t stop listening to this book. The narrator does a great job of the emotions and goofiness of each of the characters. Each character has something in their past or about them that is so wrong, but it’s so wrong it’s funny. Such as a knight who slept with the Queen, and fights better when drunk.

If you want a book that will make you laugh, I suggest you pick up this book. I did and enjoyed it so much I will be picking up the second book soon.