Sunday Post #13 – Back From Impromptu Hiatus

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The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kim over on Caffeinated Reviewer.

Sorry for the impromptu hiatus I seem to have taken. I’ve brought work home, fought personal demons, and currently am having fun with plumbing issues. By the way, we are no longer accepting recommendations for companies or other individuals to fix our home. All but once we have had bad experiences with those recommended to us. Mostly, they don’t even show up.

So, on Monday or Tuesday my husband called a plumber recommended by some of my cousins. The appointment was made and confirmed for Friday. Usually this means the very next Friday. Well, the guy is apparently on vacation, so without clarifying at the time the appointment was made he was unavailable, we found out on Friday when he didn’t show he had apparently thought us psychic and put us down for the following Friday. Cue mad scramble for a reschedule, except he doesn’t respond to texts after telling us he’s on vacation, so we don’t know when his next earliest appointment would be. The problem has already been going a week so we went and found a plumber ourselves. The plumber came the very next day, and was wonderful. A coworker had said we should have our lines cleaned out every so often, and I asked him about it. He explained it would depend, and to wait before he advised us of anything until he saw what was going on. We even found roots in a second line, but it hasn’t backed up yet. Basically, he didn’t advise us of anything until he knew what was going on and recommended appropriately for our specific issues. Nothing was recommended just for the business or money on his end, which I very much appreciate in a business relationship.

Reading wise, I have been absolutely trash for the Kings Dark Tidings series by Kel Kade. Speaking of, Mr. Kade has announced the ebook of Kingdoms of Chaus will be released September 7, and I can not wait! The Audiobook is in production by Podium Publishing with Nick Podehl narrating. I am stuck on this series like I’ve never been stuck before. In about a month, I’m on my fifth read through with the audiobooks. For the life of me, I can’t seem to get into any of the other books I have going. This includes Obsidio by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman.

I have purchased a few books since I last posted, but need some time to go through and gather a list. I will post new books next week. 🙂