Sunday Post 23: Falling Behind

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The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly over on the Caffeinated Reviewer.

Over the last week I didn’t have much time for writing since at work we were doing our Annual Planning Session for our department. I do need to be thankful this event wasn’t as long as it usually is. It usually takes place over three or more days, this year it was basically boiled down to two full days. This was still two full days where we were basically sequestered, learning different skills and having thoughts put in our head for how to deal with next years problems and projects. It takes a lot out of us, and we usually put in more than a full day of work since we still have our usual responsibilities to handle. This didn’t leave a whole lot of time for writing, or anything else.

Yesterday I was literally 10,000 words behind. I’ve caught up, but only some, and now with a new day upon us and an updated target…I am 9,000 words behind. 🙁 I have some serious writing to catch up on, and still have projects to work on for work. Hopefully with this week being a short work week, I will be able to catch up to the target word count.