Sunday Post #3: New Website!!!

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Hello everyone!

I’m excited to say I have a new home!! I have left Blogger and joined WordPress. My Blogger posts will remain, I’m not moving them or deleting them. So my previous blog, Breaking Out, is still technically active. I felt though, that it was time to move on. I started Breaking Out more to document my journey leaving my parents house, and fixing up one of my own. I had never before lived on my own, unless you count a few class trips. In the sixth grade I went on a camping trip for a whole week; then my freshman year of high school, I was away for a competition for 3 nights. My focus has changed from DIY projects, to reading. Besides, the DIY projects take a lot more money than buying books, or checking them out from the library. The wallet needs time to recover so I never really had a solid posting schedule.

Speaking of a solid posting schedule, I’m going to be playing around with posting more than once a week coming up here. This probably won’t happen until the end of February or beginning of March. I want to overhaul my social media pages as well. So stay tuned, I may have a new posting schedule. Posts will still come every Tuesday, but there will be one or two other days thrown in. We’ll have to see how work goes.

This site is by no means a finished product. I will be moving things or adding to it as I figure out more with WordPress. I’ve taken a few online courses with SkillShare, and am excited to put what I learned to work.

New Books

Book Haul

I finally purchased Dark in Death by J D Robb, and Tower of Dawn by Sarah J Maas from the Audible store. My annual renewal hit, so I have a bunch of credits now to use. I have no intention of going through them quite as quickly as I did last year, but I will be using them.

Update to 2018 Goals

I’ve decided to do kind of a read 5 books before buying a book thing. Obviously I know I won’t make it through the traditional route of actually reading 5 books I own before getting a new book. So, what I think I’m going to do, is if I buy a book – like the two audiobooks mentioned above – I must read the book within one month of purchase. Why one month rather than a week? Or right away? Because there are sales, or like Dark in Death is a new release (published January 30, 2018) and I am already in the middle of a book. Audiobooks are a little easier to get through so I could be more specific with those, but I didn’t want to be particular. An eBook for me would be a little harder to get to. Like right now, I have 2 eBooks going and 1 paperback I started. I want to finish these before I start another eBook or physical book. With a new year and work already gearing up, I never know when or if I will have time to read during a particular day. So, I’m going with a month.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or comments on this new site. I’m very excited to be able to share it with you! 🙂

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