Sunday Post #4: Snowed In

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Hey everyone! It’s another week has gone, and another is just beginning. The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly at The Caffeinated Reviewer.

This past weekend has been one of constant shoveling. Friday I didn’t even go into the office. The drive in probably wouldn’t have been bad, but I worried about the drive home. Around here, each snow poses the same problems. I feel like people are always in a hurry and forget or refuse to allow more time to safely get to where they are going. So we end up with accident after accident, or car spun off into a ditch after another. For fear of my safety, since there was an announcement for those with laptops to take them home, and they were prepared for people to work remotely, I took the opportunity to work remotely. This meant I took 40 minute breaks at times to help my husband shovel. Anticipating the shoveling I did start the day early, and ate my lunch while working.

I posted that I will be participating in the Duodecathon. For this, not knowing exactly what I am going to be reading for the challenge I chose for this round, I picked up the eBook of Scarlet from my library, via Overdrive.

This past week of reading has not been the best. Honestly, I am pushing myself to finish Playing with Fire. There are pieces I enjoy, and there are pieces where I’m just like “let’s stop this and get back to the other characters”. There is a present time storyline, and a past storyline. When we are in the past, I’m hooked; in the present, I feel like I’m being tortured.

I did listen to the audiobook of Dark In Death by J. D. Robb, better known as Nora Roberts. As usual, I was hooked on this. I didn’t hit the pause button until I had to. I’m planning a video review of this for Saturday, so stay tuned to my YouTube channel. I also started the audiobook of The Battle of the Labyrinth, by Rick Riordan, the 4th book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. I don’t remember when I got this from the library, but I did at some point, and am enjoying it so far.

Work is already gearing up for the year, and I’m looking to be busy for a while. My boss is looking for some people for some projects, apparently there is quite a list, and I love projects. So, I may be pushing myself this week and for a while to get what I have currently on my plate done so I can take on some of those projects. We’ll see how I do with this in the coming weeks.