Sunday Post #47: Readathon TBR issue

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The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly over on the Caffeinated Reviewer.

The Book Junkie Trials are almost over. Only 11 more days, and I’m getting worried I am going to stumble at the finish line.

I set myself a lofty goal of becoming a Quest Champion. This means reading 17 books. My ability as a scribe allows me to switch out a book, which I have done already in an attempt to help me through one book I put on my TBR because I feel I need to read it. I requested it as an ARC and the book has been released. I thought I was only a month or two late, but now that I looked to see when it was released, find I’m more like four months late. So I’m struggling to read this book.

If this wasn’t a readathon, I would probably temporarily dnf the book, or take a break. However there is a readathon, and I need to finish this book. The story feels like it is just dragging me along though, and I’m not all that excited for it or the characters. Which is why I keep switching between books, and now I’ve added in doing other things like writing this blog post. This is my issue with TBRs, but at the same time I enjoy pushing myself, and the challenge to read as many books as I can. I even have an idea to bring back monthly TBRs, in part thanks to this readathon. I’m just struggling with this one book.

My other fear, is I have another book on my TBR filling a quest to read an intimidating book. It’s intimidating because I didn’t enjoy the previous book of the series; it was another book I went through waiting for the good part, the excitement, the battles, which never really came. I worry, I may not finish the 17 books on this readathon TBR because of this book and possibly a second which are just moving too slow for my reader heart.

Do you ever have these issues with readathon TBRs?